The Process of Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer clay is an ideal material for making your own jewelry. Once conditioned, it is soft and pliable, making it easy to work with, and it becomes a hard, long-lasting piece once you bake it in the oven. To make your own jewelry, you'll need polymer clay in your choice of colors, jewelry tools and findings and a home oven.

Choose the colors you want to work with and condition the clay by kneading it in your hands. You can mix few colors together if needed to make it more beautiful and colorful. Conditioning is important because it makes the clay soft and easy to work with. The clay starts out in a block, and as you work with it, it will become easy to roll into a ball or form into other shapes that you fancy. Remember to allow five to ten minutes to condition the clay.

When the clay is ready, shape it to form the jewelry you have in mind. Make small figures or shapes for pendants or beads. Keep in mind the size and weight of the finished pieces as you work. It is because the finished piece will not change in size when it is baked from the oven. Use a needle or awl to poke holes in beads or in pieces that need holes for jump rings. For some people, they will make a mold so that they can just fill the mold if the clay of their choice and put it in the oven. This is more common for people who is doing for business purposes as it will consume lesser time. Normally, most of the people will prefer to make it using hand as it will make the jewelry to be unique.

As you finish each piece, place it on a baking sheet. The type of sheet you use for cookies is fine, or you can use a disposable aluminum baking sheet. Bake the finished pieces in the oven at the temperature and amount of time recommended by the clay manufacturer (most are around 250 degrees F). Remove the finished piece and allow it to cool.

Sand the finished pieces with fine sand paper and coat with a shiny finish if desired. Add any jewelry findings like eye hooks or earring backs, then enjoy your new jewelry pieces. Polymer clay pieces are very low maintenance, and once baked, will require very little care.

I'm Jim Sim and I am the owner of JimCabo. I am passionate about jewelries that are designed based on flowers. It it because I believe Flowers are the true best friend for a woman.

Three Ways To Clean and Protect Your Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been becoming one of the prominent jewellery items in our current modern fashion culture and industries. There are a lot of different types of bracelet have been produced and sold into the market. Two most common material used to produce bracelet are gold and silver. By having gold or silver bracelet can be very attractive but after a period of wearing the bracelet on your wrist, it tend to face discoloration or some degradation due to some external factors such as skin oils which will create an unattractive film around it. There are three simple ways to clean those off and create protection to your charms bracelets.

The simplest method is to prepare lukewarm water in a pile where your bracelet is able to be submerged completely. Then introduce some light soap into the water and let it stay there for around ten minutes before taking it out. This can clean those residues from it.

Second method is another simple and direct method which is use the jewellery's cleaning liquid to clean your bracelet. This is the safest method because the ingredient and the solution are well mixed by the manufacturer and the only important thing to do when you are cleaning your charms bracelet using jewellery's cleaning liquid is to read the instruction written by the manufacturer. It is to avoid making any mistake during the cleaning process and spoil the bracelet instead of protect it. For those that have a lot of difficult edge and area to clean off, the method to do it is take a cotton bud and dip it with some cologne and you can start cleaning those hard to get part of your charm bracelet. The reason of using cologne as a cleaning agent is because cologne contains a mild percentage of alcohol and it can clean up those stains and residue without spoiling your charm bracelets.

Last but not least, keep in mind that only uses lint free cotton cloth or soft cotton cloth to dry your charm bracelet. It is not preferable to use tissue paper to clean because of its rough texture. Gently wipe it and store it at place where it is in least humidity condition in order to prolong your charm bracelet lifetime.

I'm Jim Sim and I am the owner of JimCabo. I am passionate about jewelries that are designed based on flowers. It it because I believe Flowers are the true best friend for a woman.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Charms

Wholesale charms can be readily purchased from internet retailers who specialize in this item. There are quite a few online retailers that offer these pieces in a wide assortment of styles, materials and sizes. Charms for bracelets and necklaces make fashionable jewelry accessories that can complement any woman's jewelry collection. Beautiful gold and silver designs increase the value of your necklaces and bracelets in addition to enhancing their beauty. These are available in an array of diverse designs to choose from which can be used for any occasion.

Charm bracelets and necklaces make wonderful gifts for loved ones on Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. Purchasing your charms wholesale can help lower the cost of these special jewelry pieces making it easier to add as many different styles to your collection as you want. These can be purchased in different themes to include hearts, animals, sports, travel, birthstone and more. offers an incredible variety of these pieces in yellow or white gold and sterling silver. Perusing their website gives you an opportunity to view their lovely displays, compare unique features and prices and choose accordingly.

One reason these bracelets are so popular is because of the diversity of charms that can be added to the piece. Each one can be specially chosen to add a personal touch to the bracelet and individualize its appearance. No two bracelets will ever be the same due to the distinct designs they contain. In fact, the bracelet itself is available in a number of different styles to suit a woman's personal taste and preference. Italian bracelets feature charms which are flat and square in design and priced within a reasonable budget. These can be bought theme based to complement each other or of completely different designs for a contrasting effect.

The innovative and unique European bracelet holds charms composed of bead-charms which conveniently slide unto the bracelet chain. The bracelets come in your choice of silver, gold or platinum and the decorative beads of diverse shapes and sizes easily slide unto the bracelet's chain for attractive display. Classic dangling charm bracelets also come in silver, gold and platinum metals and contain small loops upon which your pieces can be individually hung. If you are constructing your own bracelet design, choice of charms will probably reflect your personality and taste. Often others will contribute to your collection as special love gifts, making your display even more original and unique.

Online shopping for wholesale charms provides the best selection of innovative styles and designs at the best prices. Whatever type of charm you desire can be located via online distributors at prices you can afford. Shopping online for these products is fast, convenient and economical, with professional delivery services right to your door. You would do well to take advantage of online shopping to expand your collection with the latest styles and designs to suit any and all occasions.

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What Are Italian Charms Bracelets?

Italian charms bracelets are made from a series of different charms link together on a single bracelet link. As you see from its name, Italian charms are originated from Florence, Italy and during 1990s; many Italian footballers were seen wearing Italian charms bracelets consist of their national flag during football match and at one point, someone from the United State bought this unique fashion back to United State and from that day onwards, it started off in global market and instantly became a favorite in fashion industry.

Italian charms bracelet can be made to be expensive and inexpensive as well. Expensive ones are made from 18 carat gold while inexpensive ones are made from stainless steel material. This unique bracelet normally has eighteen small and rectangular charms soldered on a single bracelet link. Those are made in a standardized size around the world so that one can interchange them according to their liking. Those small charms design consist of alphabets, animal logo, flower, flags and a lot more. One can combine them to become their names or their initials or any design to their liking as well.

Beside a single bracelet link, one can wear multiple bracelet links on their wrist at one time, in order to create a bigger space for bigger rectangular charms. Typically, an adult bracelet consist of eighteen to nineteen charms while a child bracelet consist of lesser number which is typically seventeen charms according to their wrist size.

Because of such popularity around the world's fashion industry, there are a lot of manufacturer begin to produce Italian charms bracelets. Among all the manufacturers, Zoppini and Nomination are one of the popular manufacturers in the world. Besides that, Disney has its own brand as well and they are produced by the company named Reflorence. Because of those charms size is standardized around the world, one can interchange and combine charms from different manufacturer. This Italian charms bracelet is indeed very popular around the world because of its flexibility on changing and adding different types of charms. Another factor is that those charms have affordable pricing which make it as a main favorite for bracelet addict.

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Posh Mommy Jewelry

Posh Mommy Jewelry is suddenly being featured everywhere. It has been featured in People and InTouch Magazines recently. Posh Mommy has hit the television screen as well. The Ellen Degeneres show gave away Posh necklaces on their Mother's Day special.

There are many celebrity Posh Mommys (and Daddys) making the news as well. Milla Jovovich reportedly wears the Tall Tag Necklace. Brooke Burke wears the birthstone square. Trista Sutter, the former bachelorette, wears the loop necklace. Brad Pitt is said to wear the Posh Daddy dog tag along with Carson Daly!

So what exactly is this jewelry that is getting all the latest press? The company was started in 2007 by Ali Krebs. She created the line of personalized jewelry using embedded birthstones that show through on both sides of each pendant. The company began as Swank Mommy and the name changed just earlier this year. The jewelry line has undergone several other changes and has started to be sold in retail stores, and not just on the company website.

The necklaces come in a variety of shapes. There are squares, loops, discs, tall tags, and mini tags. There are also the Posh Daddy Dog tags for the Fathers. Children's Posh items include the Princess Necklace and the Little Dude Dog tag! There are many options available to ensure that each pendant is customized to the needs of each customer. Customers can choose their engraving font as well as which chain style they prefer. Bracelets are also available with personalized charms.

Now that Posh Mommy is being sold in many retail stores, it pays to shop around for the best prices. Some stores charge extra for backstamps or chains, and other stores include this in the price. So shop around and find a store that suit your needs. Posh Jewelry makes a great gift as well!

Stephen Hasty is the owner of []. The Jewelry Ninja offers affordable fine jewelry including the Posh Mommy collection. The Jewelry Ninja Facebook fan page at offers Posh Mommy Jewelry for sale directly off Facebook using PayPal.

Fashionable Bracelets and Truth Charms - The Perfect Pair For You

Bracelets are the hottest thing now to flaunt as a fashion statement and all women are choosing elegant and beautiful bracelets as fashion accessories. What makes bracelets so popular is the sheer variety to choose from. The most popular among them is that is also a great gift option. By gifting your near and dear ones a personalized truth charm bracelet, you will be sending the message that you care for them and will always be there for any need of theirs.

There are numerous patterns, designs and colors to choose from and you must make sure that you choose a bracelet for yourself or as a gift based on your personality or the person's look. The right kind of bracelet can add sophistication and charm to your look.

Another great option for gifts to family or your beloved is to get personalized truth charm bracelets. You can get the designs etched, the name or favorite symbol of your friend or beloved designed within the bracelet or just choose a bracelet with a message that shows your sincere feelings. Thus, you can opt for a precious, personalized gold which can also be worn as a piece of beautiful jewelry. Apart from gold and silver bracelets, the other popular options are those of beaded bracelets, enameled beaded charms and glass beads in bracelets.

Also a perfect gift for parties, marriage anniversaries, birthdays, truth charm bracelets are the perfect and quite inexpensive way of making people feel that they matter to you, in a very special way. It will really be a cherished gift.

However, you must make sure that you get authentic from reputed jewelers, gold online sites or traditional local merchants which can get you bargains on gold or silver bracelets. Online stores will help you get competitive pricing on charm bracelets. Also, you will be able to get off-season discounts on purchases made online. On the eve of Valentine's Day, Christmas or New Year, many reputed retail stores also stock great bracelets. You can avail of holiday discounts and stock up on trendy or valuable bracelets and then gift them to precious ones on the right occasions. However, gold bracelets will be expensive, as the price of gold might increase in the market.

Do you want to gift your loved one with a unique and special truth charm bracelets or a charm bracelet in order to make your relationship a long lasting one? Collectables is here to give you exactly what you want. The store is reputed for its collection of all kinds of unique and fashionable jewelry, including truth charm bracelets. Hurry to your nearest Collectables store and catch the limited edition bracelets for your loved ones. You can also find out the best bracelets on their online gallery at and buy them on the internet. So what are you waiting for? Simply log on to the website and check out the excellent pieces of truth charms and truth charm bracelets.

Bracelets - Dress To Charm

One of the most popular adornments in the ancient world, a bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. The history of bracelets and their association to mysticism is an interesting lore. Different cultures across the world had different mystic associations to bracelets. Indian women wore bracelets in marriage and associated it symbolically to being married; in Rome, the most popular form of the bracelet consisted of coiled rings with snakehead ends, symbolic of the youthful forces of life. As per some jewelry experts and historians the female bracelet evolved from male warrior rings, related not only to the protection of the hand. And from there it further evolved into a major fashion accessory.

Types of bracelets

Bangle - A bangle is an ornament worn mainly by women around their wrists. It is usually circular in shape, and, unlike bracelet, is not flexible. The word bangle is derived from the Hindi term "bungri" meaning "glass". Bangles are an important accessory for women in Indian culture. It is customary for married women to wear bangles. Bangles are usually skinny in width but wider width alternatives are also available.

Jelly bracelets - A fad of the 1980's, Jelly Bracelets have shown a resurgence in today's society. These are made of soft rubber-like material and are available come in a spectrum of rainbow colors, including clear. Apart from being highly trendy, jelly bracelets are incredibly cheap.

Cuffs - A vintage fashion, cuffs are worn around the wrist, fastened with Velcro or snaps. Cuffs are usually quite wide and often feature bright or eye-catching ornamentation, colors or designs.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets - The thin bracelet with channel-set diamonds is called a diamond tennis bracelet. The lore dates back to 1987 when Chris Evert, the champion tennis player of her times, was playing in the US Open. She was wearing an elegant, channel-set diamond bracelet, which accidentally broke during the game and the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. The 'tennis bracelet' incident inspired a new name for the item and initiated a huge jewelry trend.

Gemstone Bracelets - Bracelets made of natural gemstones are popular these days as well. They add a mystic and vintage flair to any outfit and come in many different colors and varieties.

Bracelets, in all varieties, colors and style, make great gifts, for a friend, loved one, or even yourself! So the next time you buy jewelry, think of spicing-up your look with a bracelet that matches your style.

Mother's Charm Necklaces

Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated "folk" holidays of the year. By Sunday, May 10, flower shops will look like a 90% off sale at Macy's, an APB will have to be sent out to find a box of Godiva chocolates, and Husbands and Fathers will be scouring jewelry stores for another exquisite piece of Mommy Jewelry that speaks of the perfect gift for the most precious woman in your life: the mother of your children. A mother necklace accented with charms is a natural choice for the man who, Mother's Day or not, wants to show how wonderful a mother his wife is.

Whether for Mother's Day or just because, mother jewelry is the perfect way to say "I love and cherish you". Literally.

Charm necklaces allow you to personalize your message with your own words, your names, and the names of your children. So simple, the elegance and the singularity of the message will carry further than all the gold and diamonds in the world. However gentlemen, just because a mommy necklace may be simple, gold and diamonds do not have to be out of the picture.

Celebrity Charm Mother Jewelry

Heidi Klum has been seen wearing a simply elegant gold mother necklace with 3 charms, wearing in front of millions on Oprah with a smashing little black dress and at home graceful with her beloved in a warm family moment in the living room. Handmade delicate 14k 3/4" gold filled charms on a cable chain worn long and inscribed with up to 7 letters can be added for each member of the family.

Men if you are not sure whether to pick a silver or gold mother necklace, gift her with the fine silver charms with 22k gold hearts favored by Jennifer Garner, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Inscribed with Bebe Love, the 1 x 1/2" Heart tag is the focal point of this mommy necklace that reflects your love for the mother of your baby. The slender baby charm and heart are suspended on a silver ball chain. For an extra special effect you can coordinate the mother jewelry with a bracelet in the exact same style.

Precious Mother Jewelry

A truly precious gift, perfect for the new mother and very unique, is a lovely silver handcrafted 3 charm necklace threaded on a sterling silver oxidized chain. The first charm tells her how much you love her, inscribed in Portuguese, Mama, Bebe, Amor over and over again until there is no more room on the oblong tag. The simple round charm is reserved for a single word of love. You may choose her name, the baby's or a special message. The third charm is a tiny silver disc embedded with a 22kt gold heart and accented with rubies.

Husbands, you can never go wrong with mother jewelry in gold and diamonds. For a mother necklace that demonstrates your unending love and her importance in your life, gift your beloved with a 14k gold and diamond charm mother necklace. Three monogrammed initial charms are set within a ring of diamonds representing the everlasting love of a man for his life long partner.

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