The Process of Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer clay is an ideal material for making your own jewelry. Once conditioned, it is soft and pliable, making it easy to work with, and it becomes a hard, long-lasting piece once you bake it in the oven. To make your own jewelry, you'll need polymer clay in your choice of colors, jewelry tools and findings and a home oven.

Choose the colors you want to work with and condition the clay by kneading it in your hands. You can mix few colors together if needed to make it more beautiful and colorful. Conditioning is important because it makes the clay soft and easy to work with. The clay starts out in a block, and as you work with it, it will become easy to roll into a ball or form into other shapes that you fancy. Remember to allow five to ten minutes to condition the clay.

When the clay is ready, shape it to form the jewelry you have in mind. Make small figures or shapes for pendants or beads. Keep in mind the size and weight of the finished pieces as you work. It is because the finished piece will not change in size when it is baked from the oven. Use a needle or awl to poke holes in beads or in pieces that need holes for jump rings. For some people, they will make a mold so that they can just fill the mold if the clay of their choice and put it in the oven. This is more common for people who is doing for business purposes as it will consume lesser time. Normally, most of the people will prefer to make it using hand as it will make the jewelry to be unique.

As you finish each piece, place it on a baking sheet. The type of sheet you use for cookies is fine, or you can use a disposable aluminum baking sheet. Bake the finished pieces in the oven at the temperature and amount of time recommended by the clay manufacturer (most are around 250 degrees F). Remove the finished piece and allow it to cool.

Sand the finished pieces with fine sand paper and coat with a shiny finish if desired. Add any jewelry findings like eye hooks or earring backs, then enjoy your new jewelry pieces. Polymer clay pieces are very low maintenance, and once baked, will require very little care.

I'm Jim Sim and I am the owner of JimCabo. I am passionate about jewelries that are designed based on flowers. It it because I believe Flowers are the true best friend for a woman.

Three Ways To Clean and Protect Your Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been becoming one of the prominent jewellery items in our current modern fashion culture and industries. There are a lot of different types of bracelet have been produced and sold into the market. Two most common material used to produce bracelet are gold and silver. By having gold or silver bracelet can be very attractive but after a period of wearing the bracelet on your wrist, it tend to face discoloration or some degradation due to some external factors such as skin oils which will create an unattractive film around it. There are three simple ways to clean those off and create protection to your charms bracelets.

The simplest method is to prepare lukewarm water in a pile where your bracelet is able to be submerged completely. Then introduce some light soap into the water and let it stay there for around ten minutes before taking it out. This can clean those residues from it.

Second method is another simple and direct method which is use the jewellery's cleaning liquid to clean your bracelet. This is the safest method because the ingredient and the solution are well mixed by the manufacturer and the only important thing to do when you are cleaning your charms bracelet using jewellery's cleaning liquid is to read the instruction written by the manufacturer. It is to avoid making any mistake during the cleaning process and spoil the bracelet instead of protect it. For those that have a lot of difficult edge and area to clean off, the method to do it is take a cotton bud and dip it with some cologne and you can start cleaning those hard to get part of your charm bracelet. The reason of using cologne as a cleaning agent is because cologne contains a mild percentage of alcohol and it can clean up those stains and residue without spoiling your charm bracelets.

Last but not least, keep in mind that only uses lint free cotton cloth or soft cotton cloth to dry your charm bracelet. It is not preferable to use tissue paper to clean because of its rough texture. Gently wipe it and store it at place where it is in least humidity condition in order to prolong your charm bracelet lifetime.

I'm Jim Sim and I am the owner of JimCabo. I am passionate about jewelries that are designed based on flowers. It it because I believe Flowers are the true best friend for a woman.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Charms

Wholesale charms can be readily purchased from internet retailers who specialize in this item. There are quite a few online retailers that offer these pieces in a wide assortment of styles, materials and sizes. Charms for bracelets and necklaces make fashionable jewelry accessories that can complement any woman's jewelry collection. Beautiful gold and silver designs increase the value of your necklaces and bracelets in addition to enhancing their beauty. These are available in an array of diverse designs to choose from which can be used for any occasion.

Charm bracelets and necklaces make wonderful gifts for loved ones on Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. Purchasing your charms wholesale can help lower the cost of these special jewelry pieces making it easier to add as many different styles to your collection as you want. These can be purchased in different themes to include hearts, animals, sports, travel, birthstone and more. offers an incredible variety of these pieces in yellow or white gold and sterling silver. Perusing their website gives you an opportunity to view their lovely displays, compare unique features and prices and choose accordingly.

One reason these bracelets are so popular is because of the diversity of charms that can be added to the piece. Each one can be specially chosen to add a personal touch to the bracelet and individualize its appearance. No two bracelets will ever be the same due to the distinct designs they contain. In fact, the bracelet itself is available in a number of different styles to suit a woman's personal taste and preference. Italian bracelets feature charms which are flat and square in design and priced within a reasonable budget. These can be bought theme based to complement each other or of completely different designs for a contrasting effect.

The innovative and unique European bracelet holds charms composed of bead-charms which conveniently slide unto the bracelet chain. The bracelets come in your choice of silver, gold or platinum and the decorative beads of diverse shapes and sizes easily slide unto the bracelet's chain for attractive display. Classic dangling charm bracelets also come in silver, gold and platinum metals and contain small loops upon which your pieces can be individually hung. If you are constructing your own bracelet design, choice of charms will probably reflect your personality and taste. Often others will contribute to your collection as special love gifts, making your display even more original and unique.

Online shopping for wholesale charms provides the best selection of innovative styles and designs at the best prices. Whatever type of charm you desire can be located via online distributors at prices you can afford. Shopping online for these products is fast, convenient and economical, with professional delivery services right to your door. You would do well to take advantage of online shopping to expand your collection with the latest styles and designs to suit any and all occasions.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about wholesale charms and other related topics. Read more about wholesale charm at Shawn Manaher's website.

What Are Italian Charms Bracelets?

Italian charms bracelets are made from a series of different charms link together on a single bracelet link. As you see from its name, Italian charms are originated from Florence, Italy and during 1990s; many Italian footballers were seen wearing Italian charms bracelets consist of their national flag during football match and at one point, someone from the United State bought this unique fashion back to United State and from that day onwards, it started off in global market and instantly became a favorite in fashion industry.

Italian charms bracelet can be made to be expensive and inexpensive as well. Expensive ones are made from 18 carat gold while inexpensive ones are made from stainless steel material. This unique bracelet normally has eighteen small and rectangular charms soldered on a single bracelet link. Those are made in a standardized size around the world so that one can interchange them according to their liking. Those small charms design consist of alphabets, animal logo, flower, flags and a lot more. One can combine them to become their names or their initials or any design to their liking as well.

Beside a single bracelet link, one can wear multiple bracelet links on their wrist at one time, in order to create a bigger space for bigger rectangular charms. Typically, an adult bracelet consist of eighteen to nineteen charms while a child bracelet consist of lesser number which is typically seventeen charms according to their wrist size.

Because of such popularity around the world's fashion industry, there are a lot of manufacturer begin to produce Italian charms bracelets. Among all the manufacturers, Zoppini and Nomination are one of the popular manufacturers in the world. Besides that, Disney has its own brand as well and they are produced by the company named Reflorence. Because of those charms size is standardized around the world, one can interchange and combine charms from different manufacturer. This Italian charms bracelet is indeed very popular around the world because of its flexibility on changing and adding different types of charms. Another factor is that those charms have affordable pricing which make it as a main favorite for bracelet addict.

Click Here to learn how to protect your charms from aging and select suitable charms for yourself and your loved ones. Choose suitable Italian charms bracelets for you and yourself as well.

Posh Mommy Jewelry

Posh Mommy Jewelry is suddenly being featured everywhere. It has been featured in People and InTouch Magazines recently. Posh Mommy has hit the television screen as well. The Ellen Degeneres show gave away Posh necklaces on their Mother's Day special.

There are many celebrity Posh Mommys (and Daddys) making the news as well. Milla Jovovich reportedly wears the Tall Tag Necklace. Brooke Burke wears the birthstone square. Trista Sutter, the former bachelorette, wears the loop necklace. Brad Pitt is said to wear the Posh Daddy dog tag along with Carson Daly!

So what exactly is this jewelry that is getting all the latest press? The company was started in 2007 by Ali Krebs. She created the line of personalized jewelry using embedded birthstones that show through on both sides of each pendant. The company began as Swank Mommy and the name changed just earlier this year. The jewelry line has undergone several other changes and has started to be sold in retail stores, and not just on the company website.

The necklaces come in a variety of shapes. There are squares, loops, discs, tall tags, and mini tags. There are also the Posh Daddy Dog tags for the Fathers. Children's Posh items include the Princess Necklace and the Little Dude Dog tag! There are many options available to ensure that each pendant is customized to the needs of each customer. Customers can choose their engraving font as well as which chain style they prefer. Bracelets are also available with personalized charms.

Now that Posh Mommy is being sold in many retail stores, it pays to shop around for the best prices. Some stores charge extra for backstamps or chains, and other stores include this in the price. So shop around and find a store that suit your needs. Posh Jewelry makes a great gift as well!

Stephen Hasty is the owner of []. The Jewelry Ninja offers affordable fine jewelry including the Posh Mommy collection. The Jewelry Ninja Facebook fan page at offers Posh Mommy Jewelry for sale directly off Facebook using PayPal.

Fashionable Bracelets and Truth Charms - The Perfect Pair For You

Bracelets are the hottest thing now to flaunt as a fashion statement and all women are choosing elegant and beautiful bracelets as fashion accessories. What makes bracelets so popular is the sheer variety to choose from. The most popular among them is that is also a great gift option. By gifting your near and dear ones a personalized truth charm bracelet, you will be sending the message that you care for them and will always be there for any need of theirs.

There are numerous patterns, designs and colors to choose from and you must make sure that you choose a bracelet for yourself or as a gift based on your personality or the person's look. The right kind of bracelet can add sophistication and charm to your look.

Another great option for gifts to family or your beloved is to get personalized truth charm bracelets. You can get the designs etched, the name or favorite symbol of your friend or beloved designed within the bracelet or just choose a bracelet with a message that shows your sincere feelings. Thus, you can opt for a precious, personalized gold which can also be worn as a piece of beautiful jewelry. Apart from gold and silver bracelets, the other popular options are those of beaded bracelets, enameled beaded charms and glass beads in bracelets.

Also a perfect gift for parties, marriage anniversaries, birthdays, truth charm bracelets are the perfect and quite inexpensive way of making people feel that they matter to you, in a very special way. It will really be a cherished gift.

However, you must make sure that you get authentic from reputed jewelers, gold online sites or traditional local merchants which can get you bargains on gold or silver bracelets. Online stores will help you get competitive pricing on charm bracelets. Also, you will be able to get off-season discounts on purchases made online. On the eve of Valentine's Day, Christmas or New Year, many reputed retail stores also stock great bracelets. You can avail of holiday discounts and stock up on trendy or valuable bracelets and then gift them to precious ones on the right occasions. However, gold bracelets will be expensive, as the price of gold might increase in the market.

Do you want to gift your loved one with a unique and special truth charm bracelets or a charm bracelet in order to make your relationship a long lasting one? Collectables is here to give you exactly what you want. The store is reputed for its collection of all kinds of unique and fashionable jewelry, including truth charm bracelets. Hurry to your nearest Collectables store and catch the limited edition bracelets for your loved ones. You can also find out the best bracelets on their online gallery at and buy them on the internet. So what are you waiting for? Simply log on to the website and check out the excellent pieces of truth charms and truth charm bracelets.

Bracelets - Dress To Charm

One of the most popular adornments in the ancient world, a bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. The history of bracelets and their association to mysticism is an interesting lore. Different cultures across the world had different mystic associations to bracelets. Indian women wore bracelets in marriage and associated it symbolically to being married; in Rome, the most popular form of the bracelet consisted of coiled rings with snakehead ends, symbolic of the youthful forces of life. As per some jewelry experts and historians the female bracelet evolved from male warrior rings, related not only to the protection of the hand. And from there it further evolved into a major fashion accessory.

Types of bracelets

Bangle - A bangle is an ornament worn mainly by women around their wrists. It is usually circular in shape, and, unlike bracelet, is not flexible. The word bangle is derived from the Hindi term "bungri" meaning "glass". Bangles are an important accessory for women in Indian culture. It is customary for married women to wear bangles. Bangles are usually skinny in width but wider width alternatives are also available.

Jelly bracelets - A fad of the 1980's, Jelly Bracelets have shown a resurgence in today's society. These are made of soft rubber-like material and are available come in a spectrum of rainbow colors, including clear. Apart from being highly trendy, jelly bracelets are incredibly cheap.

Cuffs - A vintage fashion, cuffs are worn around the wrist, fastened with Velcro or snaps. Cuffs are usually quite wide and often feature bright or eye-catching ornamentation, colors or designs.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets - The thin bracelet with channel-set diamonds is called a diamond tennis bracelet. The lore dates back to 1987 when Chris Evert, the champion tennis player of her times, was playing in the US Open. She was wearing an elegant, channel-set diamond bracelet, which accidentally broke during the game and the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. The 'tennis bracelet' incident inspired a new name for the item and initiated a huge jewelry trend.

Gemstone Bracelets - Bracelets made of natural gemstones are popular these days as well. They add a mystic and vintage flair to any outfit and come in many different colors and varieties.

Bracelets, in all varieties, colors and style, make great gifts, for a friend, loved one, or even yourself! So the next time you buy jewelry, think of spicing-up your look with a bracelet that matches your style.

Mother's Charm Necklaces

Mother's Day is one of the most celebrated "folk" holidays of the year. By Sunday, May 10, flower shops will look like a 90% off sale at Macy's, an APB will have to be sent out to find a box of Godiva chocolates, and Husbands and Fathers will be scouring jewelry stores for another exquisite piece of Mommy Jewelry that speaks of the perfect gift for the most precious woman in your life: the mother of your children. A mother necklace accented with charms is a natural choice for the man who, Mother's Day or not, wants to show how wonderful a mother his wife is.

Whether for Mother's Day or just because, mother jewelry is the perfect way to say "I love and cherish you". Literally.

Charm necklaces allow you to personalize your message with your own words, your names, and the names of your children. So simple, the elegance and the singularity of the message will carry further than all the gold and diamonds in the world. However gentlemen, just because a mommy necklace may be simple, gold and diamonds do not have to be out of the picture.

Celebrity Charm Mother Jewelry

Heidi Klum has been seen wearing a simply elegant gold mother necklace with 3 charms, wearing in front of millions on Oprah with a smashing little black dress and at home graceful with her beloved in a warm family moment in the living room. Handmade delicate 14k 3/4" gold filled charms on a cable chain worn long and inscribed with up to 7 letters can be added for each member of the family.

Men if you are not sure whether to pick a silver or gold mother necklace, gift her with the fine silver charms with 22k gold hearts favored by Jennifer Garner, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Inscribed with Bebe Love, the 1 x 1/2" Heart tag is the focal point of this mommy necklace that reflects your love for the mother of your baby. The slender baby charm and heart are suspended on a silver ball chain. For an extra special effect you can coordinate the mother jewelry with a bracelet in the exact same style.

Precious Mother Jewelry

A truly precious gift, perfect for the new mother and very unique, is a lovely silver handcrafted 3 charm necklace threaded on a sterling silver oxidized chain. The first charm tells her how much you love her, inscribed in Portuguese, Mama, Bebe, Amor over and over again until there is no more room on the oblong tag. The simple round charm is reserved for a single word of love. You may choose her name, the baby's or a special message. The third charm is a tiny silver disc embedded with a 22kt gold heart and accented with rubies.

Husbands, you can never go wrong with mother jewelry in gold and diamonds. For a mother necklace that demonstrates your unending love and her importance in your life, gift your beloved with a 14k gold and diamond charm mother necklace. Three monogrammed initial charms are set within a ring of diamonds representing the everlasting love of a man for his life long partner.

Cora Lee is the owner of BlissLiving, widely known for a huge selection of mother jewelry including unique mother necklace designs, custom mother's jewelry, designer diaper bags, and exclusive baby gifts. has been featured in US Weekly and People Magazine's Celebrity Babies and Pregnancy Magazine, and has been listed as one of the highest rated sites by the Better Business Bureau, with double AA ratings, for five years in a row.

My Favorite Italian Charm Bracelet

I love Italian Charm Bracelets. I love them so much, I own several. Italian Charm Bracelets are a stylish addition to any wardrobe. They are unique pieces of jewelry that compliment any outfit. They can be designed to express personality and a woman's ever-changing mood simply by adding or interchanging the links to personalize their creation.

How great is it to not have to worry about which bracelet to wear with a particular outfit? Italian Charm Bracelets match everything! They take the worry and stress out of having to continuously make decisions. And they are interesting pieces, as well. Nothing else is quite as versatile.

Each of my creations has a particular theme which incorporates my numerous interests. My favorite consists of memories from my childhood. I can look at this particular item and immediately feel young again; reliving the reasons I chose these particular Italian charms which I used to design this bracelet.

I took piano lessons as a child and continue playing the piano for pleasure even today, so my first Italian charm was that of a grand piano. I enjoyed dancing in my youth, as well, so a pair of ballet slippers were added. Other interests were playing tennis at the Country Club, swimming at the beach and eating candy, so I included a tennis racket, a beach umbrella, and a lollipop...all in matching colors.

I was ecstatic to find a charm of a black and white cat with pink ears to add to my unique collection, representing my beloved childhood pet. And, probably my favorite Italian charm of all: a monkey face which reminds me of my dad who always called me "Monkey". I added links of hearts and butterflies to fill in the blank spaces and complete my design.

Italian Charm Bracelets are a welcome addition to any wardrobe. I wear my favorite one almost every day.

Weaver believes the best way for newcomers to begin an Italian charm bracelet collection is to choose a matte or polished Italian charm starter bracelet.

Italian Charms - A Unique Fashion Trend

Clothes and accessories are not only a sign of the latest fashion. Now people tend to accessorize themselves with something they want to share with others. It is usually related to beliefs and principles. Accessories like bracelets are a great way to show your individuality. Items like charm bracelets are also believed to bestow luck on to the wearer.

The Italian charms bracelets can be decorated with real or fake gemstones on gold plated or 18 karat gold charm face. The charm face is fixed on to the back stainless steel back side with strong glue.

Most of the time, Italian charms are crafted to be in the form of a bracelet. What makes these bracelet special is you can personalized the bracelet to your own liking and personal desire. This is because the blank flat links has standardized sizing and are well compatible across any other brand. This gives the wearer a flexibility to change the link of the bracelet to suit the mood or the interest of the individual at any time.

The charm bracelets can be given a theme to it because of its ability to be changed according to preferences. Therefore, this will make them an excellent present for family members and friends. They can also be put on to show others your favorite color or to give yourself a motivation. The many designs you can choose for the bracelets are made possible by techniques like laser, hand paints, photos or even deluxe link.

As the trend progresses, the manufactures has come up with brilliant ideas in improvising and adding more designs in not only the bracelets but also creating new genre of accessories such as Italian charm keychains and photo bracelet. Italian charm key chain is a perfect way to start your Italian charm collection. They would usually resemble and look very much like the bracelet charm but the difference is that it will be attached with a key ring instead. It would be fashionably hip to hook this item onto your jeans bag, belt and also backpacks.

The key chains will impress your family and friends if you give them away as gifts. They will love the way their key chains are made especially for them. People will appreciate anything as long as the giver puts a lot of effort in making the gifts unique. You will be well received by family and friends.

The Italian charm keychain will make the perfect party favors for birthdays. They will be given as signs of appreciation to guests. This is because no one will expect anything as guests at the party other than food and drinks; it will be a pleasant surprise for them. The fact that you had made it personalized will make them enjoy it even more.

The Italian charm bracelets and key chains are a fabulous collection for those who are looking for uniqueness in style. They make great accessories on you and your bags. Not only that, they make perfect gifts for those you love.

The author writes about Italian charm ideas for with his Italian charm keychain in his pocket.

Charmed, I'm Sure: Charms for Bracelets

I don't know about you, but when I put on a charm bracelet, it makes me feel young and happy! If you haven't tried wearing a charm bracelet, maybe it is time you did so you can get happy, too. The charms for bracelets I have in my collection fall into several different types, but I love them all. Here's a little rundown of the main types of charms you can get, and a little about them all.

Dangling Charms

Do you love jewelry that swings and moves with you? Then you should get a bracelet that is made with dangling charms. This type of bracelet looks fun and youthful, and I dare you not to smile when you hear the charms clinking together when you move! They attach easily with a small metal ring. If you purchase expensive gold or silver charms, you may want to have them attached with jumprings that have been soldered closed so it will positively never be able to fall off of your bracelet. Finding dangle-type charms could not be easier, because they are sold everywhere, from discount stores to exclusive jewelry stores, and online also. You may have a bit of trouble deciding exactly which ones you want since there are so many to choose from, but I figure that is the kind of trouble I like having!

Italian Charms

For many people, Italian charms for bracelets are very popular. These charms will only work with special bracelets that the charms can be snapped on to. Each charm has a little mechanism on the back of it that allows it to be securely attached to the bracelet. The charms themselves are square to rectangular shaped, and come in all sorts of designs. Many men love to wear Italian charm bracelets, also, because of their understated and sleek appearance. The most well known Italian charm company is Zoppini. Their charms and bracelets are very high quality, and will last for years. A very good thing about this type of charm bracelet is that the base bracelets are stainless steel, which won't cause allergic reactions for those who have metal allergies.

Bead Charms

Bead charms for bracelets rounds out your charm bracelet charm choices. The most popular type of bead charms are Pandora bead charms. They are very high quality, and come in your choice of 14K gold or sterling silver. Some have a combination of both. There are also Murano glass bead charms available from Pandora. The individual charms are threaded, and twist over threaded sections on the Pandora snake chain bracelet. You can find many different themes, shapes and sizes of bead charms, ranging in price from about $30 for sterling silver and Murano glass to $500 for some of the gold/gemstone charms. You can even find bead charms with "dangles". Bead charm bracelets are very elegant and sophisticated, and will blend in beautifully with all of the other jewelry in your collection.

If you are now totally undecided about what kind of charms for bracelets are best for you, why not try them all? Having each type in your jewelry collection will ensure that no matter what type of outfit you choose for the day, no matter what your mood is, you will always have just the perfect bracelet right there in your jewelry box.

Want more information about Pandora bead charms?

Pearl's Jewelry Junction has lots of jewelry information, news, and reviews about Pandora and other jewelry, like aquamarine and diamond engagement rings!

Charm Bracelets for Little Girls

There is no doubt about it; little girls love their jewelry. Sparkly bracelets and necklaces will make her feel grown up and trusted, as well as very special. Choosing the right jewelry to help her feel that way can be hard, though. There are plenty of places to buy jewelry for dress up, but it's hard to find merit in buying precious metals for a little girl. There is one way to buy sparkling trinkets for your little one and be sure that she can enjoy it for years to come. Charm bracelets are a great gift idea for little girls, and you will know this for certain when your girl opens her present from you.

Charm Bracelets
The best thing about choosing a charm bracelet is that her gift will remain fashionable for several years. You can be sure of this when you realize that charm bracelets have been popular gifts for several decades, and women everywhere still love to receive them. You can be sure when you place the first charm that your little girl will be able to enjoy her gift when she's no longer a little girl at all.

When you are choosing the charms, it is a great idea to find trinkets that mean something special to you and your sweet girl. If she loves the zoo, then choose a charm that features her favorite animal. If you read together every night, find a book charm or the character from her favorite book. Don't forget the little crown for your princess, too. Those charms may be removed and replaced as she gets older and finds new interests, but you can be sure that she will keep them and remember the special times that you both shared.

While the traditional charm bracelets are still as popular as ever, there are new styles that you might consider. These new styles are much like the Italian style, where some charms might hang while others are snapped directly to the bracelet and lay flat. You can separate the charms with colored stones or silver and gold rounds that will make her bracelet special and unique only to her. These bracelets don't have to be expensive, either, though you can find some precious metals and stones that the more upscale jewelers carry. The price of the bracelet means next to nothing when compared to the sentimental value.

What Are the Best Places to Get Italian Charms?

Are you one of those who are enamored with Italian Charm bracelet? So where is the best place to get one? Before deciding where to get your bracelet, it is best to consider these three important things.

  • Choices. Do they have a wide selection of Italian Charms and do they carry the famous manufacturer name? Some stores do have thousands of charms while others only have a hundred or more. Go for the store where you will have a wide selection to choose to.
  • Price. Shop around and compare prices. You will surely know which one overcharge. It is important to shop and compare prices before deciding where to buy.
  • Money back Guarantee. Make sure you know their return policy or if they offer a money back guarantee especially on cases the bracelets or charms are defective. If for some reason you don't like the product, ask if you can return for exchange or get a refund of your money.
  • After considering all this points above, where does this lead you? You are now ready to shop and compare prices. The following are suggestions as to where to go.
  • Shopping online. Now a day's people just stay home and do all their business and shopping online. There are hundreds of online merchants that offer Italian charms but there is one website which is quite popular in this product. offers over 2000 different charms at low price and the big catch is that they offer a guarantee for 30 days on all their items.
  • Retail stores in your area. If you don't want to buy over the internet then you can visit retail stores in your area like Hallmark store, Ashley Averys and other local stores in your area. The only advantage when you buy in your local stores is that you get to see the items and even get to wear it right away after buying it. The disadvantage is that you don't get as much choices since their selection is limited.
  • Auction sites like eBay. They have an Italian Charm category and they have a good selection of this item at a good price. So check out this place too. Search online for other auction sites that might have a good selection too it is always good to explore all areas besides shopping for your item online would be fun and convenient. You can do it anytime and anywhere at the comfort of your home.

If you want to explore and get the best Italian Charm bracelet at a low price then visit all this places suggested above. Don't forget to consider the three important things discussed above in every local store or online merchant that you visit. Compare what information you have gathered and that will surely guide you what Italian charm bracelet to buy and where to buy it.

If you want to learn more about the beauty of an Italian charm bracelet try visiting, where you will find this and a lot more tips on how to create your unique bracelet by using Photo Italian charms.

Do-It-Yourself Italian Charm Bracelets As A Gift For Someone You Love

If you're stuck finding a gift for a loved one, making a personalized Italian charm bracelet would make a wonderful gift. You will have a lot of choices to make a unique gift for someone you love.

First of, how is an Italian charm bracelet different from a conventional charm bracelet? A traditional charm bracelet is the kind that have the charms dangling from the chain, whereas Italian charm bracelets is made with a number of charm linked together. The charms are flat modular links and they come in a wide variety of themes, designs and styles. To make your own, all you have to do is find the types of charms you want to make it special and link them together.

You can make a great gift from the variety of charms available. Making something for a young child? You can go for some Disney-inspired charms. There are hundreds of characters to choose from in different styles and designs.

Likewise, if you're making something for someone in their 20's or 30's, you can find other Italian charms to suit their age. Silver or gold, matte or shiny or even charms inscribed with letters. Or for older persons you can get charms made from birthstones or inspired by zodiac signs and much more. You have a wealth of choice.

Making the Italian Charm Bracelet is fairly easy. Pick your selection of charm, and you will notice that each charm has a spring-loaded clasp. Assembly is as simple as opening one charm's clasp and hooking onto the next charm. Because it has a spring inside, the clasp will close securely around the next charm.

Finally, how many charms do you need? For a small child you will use around 13 links which would give you a length of around 5 inches. For an early teen you'll use about 15 charms. For adults it can take anything between 16 to 21 charms depending on their wrist size.

Margaret Phillips is a writer and website publisher, including this site about Italian charm bracelets where you can find news and information about Italian charm bracelets, like Italian charm bracelet kits. Please visit us at

Italian Charms - Top Picks

Italian charms are a unique form of jewelry that has become very popular the world over. The Italian design craftsmen have always been at the forefront of innovative designs in everything from figurines to fashion shoes and jewelry. Their Italian charms are no different being very innovative and have captured the imagination of all. Because they are small rectangular links in a multitude of designs that snap together making you a bracelet that is completely unique and different from anyone else's.

Your bracelet will contain around 18-20 links which means the chances of another being exactly the same are very scarce. You don't have to build your bracelet all at once but collect your charms over as long as you like. You can collect in different themes or have several collections going at once. There is a host of styles to choose from including national flags, university logos, names and initials, Disney characters, travel, religion, family and birthstones. You can even custom make your charms to your own theme giving you endless possibilities. You could have a bracelet with all your grand kids names or all your family names. You could buy a charm every time you visited a new place and make up a bracelet of your travels. Possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Italian charms too make the perfect gift as you can either custom design a bracelet for someone or start them off with a few charms to build a bracelet that is unique to them. What about a bracelet depicting a wedding or christening or a university or your favorite sports team. No limit to ideas here. You could start someone off with charms to match a passionate hobby, or maybe charms representing a list of past spouses, or maybe not.

The charms on your charm bracelet can be easily added or removed so you can change you charm bracelet to match the season or your outfit. Charms can be very colorful and quite bright so are always going to be eye catching. So if you have a couple of Italian charm bracelets you can mix and match them and make an endless variety of bracelets. What a versatile piece of accessory extra.

So where is the best place to buy your Italian charms. Of course these days we always check online first because that is where all the bargains are now. We know by now that online stores have less over heads and so usually pass the savings on to us, the customers. And this we love because if we can get real nice stuff a bit cheaper why not. You can check around and make sure you are getting the best value for money. You will find now that there are stores that specialize in genuine Italian charms so there you will generally find the best range at the best prices.

Just do a Google and you will have fun checking out all that is available.

Hi Guys, I found a great range of Italian charms for you, check them out.

Charm Bracelets - Advice From an Expert

Most women who wear charm bracelets don't view them simply as a way to dress up an outfit. To these women they are an ongoing history of the story of their lives. Milestones, accomplishments, significant events, rites of passage and other special occasions are represented by each charm and the women are proud to display them. Each charm bracelet is a unique, customized glimpse into who the wearer is. Every charm reflects a memory she has made, an event important to her or is a marker of a place or time in the journey of her life. Gold and silver bracelets with links for charms stay in vogue because they allow each wearer to design a one-of-a-kind custom fashion piece which reflects only events or interests that have importance to her. Souvenirs from exotic spots around the world may grace the bracelet of a woman whose passion is travel.

Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelets
For those women who may be more focused on family and want to show off special moments in their family's lives, they can decorate their charm bracelets with events that are focused in that area. They may choose to find charms that resemble events in the lives of their children. Perhaps they might find a charm to display when their son or daughter took a dance class or rode a bike. These women may also look for charms to commemorate their child being born by finding a pacifier charm or they may want to acknowledge their wedding and engagement by adding an engagement ring or bouquet charm. Charm bracelets have become a popular item for young women to receive from older female relatives. They may receive these gifts on occasions such as a graduation or a significant birthday, due to the nature of charm bracelets being about significant events in a person's life.

When received as a gift, the bracelet may have a couple of charms already on it to help get them started in creating their own wearable scrap book. The charms may be something, such as a number 18 or a graduation cap, for example. The style of the bracelet itself may vary widely from having a Celtic design or it may be a simple chain. The bracelets can also be found in either silver or gold. Charm bracelets are not only beautiful, but are a place for precious memories to be stored and shared. Each bracelet is as unique as the woman who wears it and will remain popular as long as people wish to be reminded of the blessings in their lives.

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Silver Charm Bracelets - The Perfect Fun Accessory

Since they came back on the fashion scene in the 1950's, silver charm bracelets have continued to grow in popularity. The difference between a real silver bracelet and one of those mass produced replicas you will find in a discount store is much more than just the materials. It is a matter of quality and beauty. Never doubt that when you invest in sterling, you make a good investment.

Individuality at Your Wrist

One of the things that are most popular about charm bracelets is that each one is different. That is why the mass produced versions just don't hit the mark. Your bracelet should be a celebration of you and all you have accomplished thus far in your life. The selection of charms available through an online company is incredible. No matter what you do, there is a charm for you.

A few Selections to Consider

No matter what you like to do, you will find a charm that suits you perfectly. The little spatula charm is perfect for a chef or restaurateur. A marathon charm is ideal for the runner who just completed their first big race. Children can be celebrated by their birthstones dangled as a charm, and anniversaries with a pendant. If you select the right one, you will be able to switch your charms back and forth, constantly creating a new look.

Best Friends Forever

Not too long ago, best friends would find a coin, cut it in half, and split the pieces between them. Today, while that tradition lives on, there is a better choice: matching charm bracelets. With a single BFF silver charm, you create two divergent paths. Each one gets to celebrate milestones while still cherishing the friendship that got the party started. As the years go by, you can pull out your bracelets and see just how much you have done, learned, and grown.

Other Options

Of course, not all charm bracelets are silver. Gold charm bracelets are very popular as well, although perhaps not quite so much as silver ones. The selection of gold charms should be handled more cautiously, as these are quite expensive. You may not have as many charms on your bracelet over the years, but each one will be a physical reminder of a special time.

Fun as well as functional; silver charm bracelets are a great gift, a wonderful memento, and a great way to express love and affection. You can find a wide selection of both chains and charms to satisfy every need you have, online.

Jewelry can be customized in so many ways. Whether you are searching for kits, supplies or assistance in creating the perfect custom jewelry design piece, you can find everything you need at design jewelry.

The Benefits to Buy Your Italian Charms Online

Are you planning to buy a new collection of Italian Charms? There are several advantages when you buy it online. Here are a few benefits you get when you shop online.

Wide selection of Italian Charms

Unlike any retail stores who only displays over a hundred kinds of Italian Charms, but with online shops they can offer you a much bigger inventory. They have over a thousand kinds of charms available. You can shop endlessly for the charms that you want.


They offer big discounts on the price so that makes them less expensive than any retail store with the same quality of Italian Charms. They can offer you cheaper prices since online stores don't have high overhead expenses.

Compare Prices

When you shop online, it is very comfortable to go from one website to another and compare prices and see which one offers the best price without suffering the quality of the charm.


Shopping is hassle free, fast and safe. You can actually shop in the comfort of your home anytime of the day. And you don't have to go out to get your items, it will be deliver right in your doorstep.

However, when you find the charm that you want, make sure to check the reliability of the online merchant that you are going to deal with. Consider the following points before you decide to buy your charm.

  • Make sure to read all the customers review of this merchant. It helps a lot to read the customers comments regarding their products and services.
  • Read their return policy and shipping policy. Also check if they offer a money back guarantee on all of its products. Standing behind your product 100 % only shows their confidence on the quality of their product.
  • Check all the product details and make sure that it says what it says it is, like when they say its 100% stainless steel then it better be 100% stainless steel and no less. If you can't find the information you want then ask them.
  • Lastly, check if they promptly answer all your questions and concern. A good online store always has a good customer support that is available 24/7 to answer all the questions and concerns of their customer

Enamel Charms
If your online store passes the four points discussed above then you can be assured that you can trust and rely on them to deliver their best product to you. You must understand that there are some that does not deliver what they say thus you must be extra careful in shopping online.

But to some people, buying jewelry like Italian charms is very personal experience thus visiting their favorite retail jewelers is of much appeal to them. They prefer to have their jeweler to guide them through the selection and buying process.

Their reason? Their jeweler is there to answer all their questions and to give recommendations if need be. There is limitless combination that you can make out of the charms thus it would be fun to customize your Italian charm bracelet there with the expert jeweler on your side. The best part they like is they walk out of the store wearing their creation already.

If you want to learn more about the beauty of Italian charms bracelets try visiting also, where you will find this and a lot more tips on how to create your unique bracelet by using gold Italian charms.

What Are the Most Popular Italian Charms and Where to Find Them

Italian charms certainly bring a new look to the world of charms. Instead of traditional dangling charms, it evolves into a much better design of a flat links base bracelet where you can personalize or design your own charm bracelet.

What charms are available in the market?

There are thousands of available charms in the market today. It is possible to choose from different themes and styles. Among the famous and most sought after designs are the following listed below:
  • Gold Letters. Use this letters to spell out names or your initials or even words. This are usually made of gold or stainless steel.
  • Zodiac Italian Charms. All zodiac sign are available in gold, enamel and stainless steel.
  • Breast Cancer Ribbon Italian Charm. Show your support by wearing this in your Italian charm bracelet.
  • Ace of Hearts. For those who love to play card games, they might want to add this to their collection of charms.
  • Musical note Italian charm. This is for people who love music.
  • Symbol. Anything that represents you. For people who can't express well in words might as well express it here.
  • Double Red hearts charm. This is the most famous of all.
Where to find or buy this?

You can find this in any local jewelry store in your area but it will be best to shop online for this items. It gives you lots of benefits to shop online. One benefit is that you get a wide selection to choose to from different merchants online and you get to compare which one is best when it comes to quality and price. You don't have to physically go out and visit one store after another. You can actually do it at home anytime you want. You can even design your own bracelet online. Shopping online for your jewelry is becoming popular everyday. But when you buy online make sure your retailer offers the following:
  • Make sure that this online retailer receives great reviews from their customer.
  • They stand 100% behind their product guaranteeing that they will exchange or refund if for some reason their customers are not satisfied.
  • Always check their shipping options and see too how long it takes to process your order.
  • Check for quality of their product. Are the links 100% stainless steel? The risk of skin allergy will arise if it is not 100% stainless steel so make sure that you are getting charms made of this material to avoid allergy problems.
When you have all this information considered then you know that you are safe to shop on that online store. You will be assured that you are getting your money's worth with the kind of inventory and stock they have. Don't forget too to check the website's customer support. Check if customer support is available 24/7 and if they answer all your concerns promptly. This is one way of knowing if the website is reliable and can be trusted.

If you want to learn more about the beauty of Italian charm bracelets try visiting also, where you will find this and a lot more tips on how to create your unique bracelet by using Zoppini Italian charms.

The Different Types of Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet consists of a link band to which various small, dangling pieces known as charms are attached. Their number and style are subject to the various fashions. From the spiritual and complex meaning of the ancient Egyptian and medieval charms to their aesthetic appeal in contemporary style, these jewelry items with a rich history are always attractive and desired by women of nay age and status.

Charm bracelets are one piece of jewelry that never truly goes out of style, and right now they are as popular as they have ever been, thanks to their amazing versatility. They can be assorted to more than enough outfit styles, from the sultry and sexy to the practical and sporty. It is truly a pleasure to wear them. Apart from the charms themselves, there are other pretty pieces to intersperse them, like beads, pearls or semi-precious stones. These add color and body to the piece of jewelry.

The best known type of charm bracelets is the dangling one, followed by the European and the Italian or Pandora style. Each type has its own unique style of charms which define it. The dangling is the traditional one, with a base made of interlocking links of stainless steel, gold, silver or comfortable materials like leather and fabric, to be worn around the wrists. Typical charms are represented by common symbols like a heart for love and romance, a coin for prosperity, a dice for gambler's luck, four-leaf clover, horseshoe, hamsa hand or representations of animals. These can be made of differently hued metals, like sterling silver, gold, bronze and copper. A trend connected to the New Age is represented by the Chinese charms - jade carvings, bronze miniatures of coins, bells, money bags, turtles, frogs, pictograms or spiritual symbols like Yin-Yang.

The European charm bracelet or the Pandora type is using beads on a rope-like base and the weather may choose whichever mix they prefer. Apart from the popular glass beads, there are gemstones, motifs with initials or various themes. The Murano glass beads are famous for their uniqueness and the embedded colors. The interesting part about the European design is the round bead charms that can form any desired pattern. Each Pandora bracelet has three segments of threading. The beads are screwed onto this and each is free to rotate. In terms of material, countless combinations are possible. Metal, glass, gemstone, wood are equally good choices. Matching earring and rings are also available to complete the look. The patented threading system makes the Pandora bracelets special and unique. Concerning the charms, each season brings new inventions and keeps the design dynamic and appealing.

A recent addition to the market is the Italian charm bracelet, all made of flat pieces interlock with each other, just like in a watch band. Any of these can be changed when the owner want to do so. It is, therefore, another highly customizable design. The traditionally rectangular pieces are made of stainless steel and gold charms are soldered on top. These usually represent letters of the alphabet, zodiac signs, ribbons to support causes, religious symbols and so on. Each link has it own image, and there are usually eighteen of them. This design that emerged in Italy is totally new, as no charms are dangling on a chain. The flat links are an original way to tell a story - each time a different one, if desired.

No matter the type, a charm bracelet is versatile and offers countless possibilities to express a personality or to gather memories, at the same time making a style statement and displaying beauty through its mix of colors and textures.

James is from the UK and works in the jewelry industry, he has over 20 years experience creating jewelry and takes influence from many styles around the world.

Trendy Italian Charm Bracelets

As with their names, the Italian charm bracelets originated from Italy. From the beginning of its introduction till now, more and more people are wearing them, even the soccer stars wears them and they think of it as their national symbol and pride, along with their national flag. The American people have started catching on the trend recently, during the late 20th century and started wearing them, and soon after, became a popular and common accessory for many.

The world of Italian charm bracelets are fast becoming the "in" thing in the fashion world and it is not only gaining the attention of the young female population but also the attention of the general male population and also the older and more mature women as well. These people embrace the culture of the bracelets no matter how old they are, their particular race, the religion they believe in, their marital status or even the country they live in. The factor that makes the Italian charm bracelets special and unique than other bracelets available in the market is that the links in the bracelets can be removed and changed to give the bracelet a personal touch.

Italian charm bracelets
Italian charm bracelets
Some of the readers might not have an idea what an Italian charm bracelet is. The Italian charm bracelet, in fact, is like a normal bracelet in which comes with an elastic band to support the bracelet which consists of metal links where they are joined together to form an Italian charm bracelet. The standard size of the charm bracelet is eighteen links, and most of the bracelets are regulated because the makers do not want their bracelets to look weird in terms of sizes when compared to other bracelets in the market. There are separate single links being sold in stores and retail outlets nowadays where the customers can find links that have special pictures or photos that are permanently printed on the links so that the customers can choose their own links and add them to their charm bracelet to make it special. The design of the links varies from general photos or images to famous cartoon characters. It is easy for the customers to use the new link on their bracelet since they only have to slip it in.

The links on the bracelet are normally made from metal materials. Makers will use metals such as gold, stainless steel, platinum, aluminum, or gold plates when they are making the links. You are able to rearrange the links on your bracelet anytime or replace them anytime you want. To join in the trend of the Italian charm bracelet, you will need to purchase a starter or beginner bracelet first. These bracelets are normally only plain blank bracelets and it is up to you to change it. It is better to start by purchasing additional links which are made from non rust materials such as stainless steel or gold since they will last longer. If you are not sure what kind of gifts you should give to your love ones, then you can give them the beginner Italian charm bracelet and let them do the changing of the links.

As stated earlier in this article the Italian charm bracelet can be removed and re-organized into different looks. The chosen themes can be from their favorite sports like golf, soccer, to their favorite movies or their birthdays and so on. You can try and apply more than one theme on your charm bracelet so you have to mix them carefully. These Italian bracelets can be found in various different choices ranging from novelty goods to jewel made, and you have to make your choice based on your allocated budget and how is the theme important to you.

There are a growing number of retail outlets that supply both the blank bracelets and personalized links. These themes can range from the wacky to the formal. A great resource to peruse for the best and most appropriate charms is the internet as you can look through thousands of styles before making your choice. The retailers are usually more than happy to ship worldwide to your location.

Among the fans of the Italian charm bracelet, one of the popular trends is to use their own photos or pictures to be imprinted into their personal links where makers nowadays are using the newest thermal imaging technology where the photographs are directly printed on the single links and lacquered it to make the pictures more lasting. Companies and businesses can also make use of the Italian charm links to promote and advertise their company names and their products and services by imprinting their company logo and slogan on the charm links to increase brand name awareness among the charm bracelet users. These Italian bracelet charms can be given to individuals as their birthday presents or gifts to others when you travel to other countries and they certainly can show the appreciation and love you have towards the other person.

So just remember that if you are looking to accessorize or want to give a loved one a gift, a great choice would be an Italian charm bracelet as these wonderful items can suit any occasion by simply selecting and using the relevant links. This thematic approach to jewelry will continue to make these gifts a highly sought after item by many anxious gift givers worldwide.

The author is a consultant for an online jewelry store that offers a wide selection of Italian charms. You might choose a licensed, cute Hello Kitty Italian charm or a beautiful picture Italian charm. You can begin with an Italian charm starter bracelet

Ankle Bracelets

Rings, arm bracelets, charms, earrings, and necklaces have always been a popular and noticeable form of accessory for women, but anklets that have also been around for a long time add a certain flair to a woman's appearance. A woman wearing an anklet with a summer dress or with a swimsuit could have an even more interesting appearance than another woman wearing the same apparel.

Brief History of Anklets

Ankle bracelets or anklets have always been a popular accessory adorning girls' and women's ankles for decades. First worn in India, the fashion of wearing these ankle bracelets have evolved to the Western countries. In the early 50's, these thin chains have been became a sign of rebellion, and the trend of using them has caught on. In time, women started to wear these chains for a more modern and sexy appearance. Variations of these chains were then designed for each decade, and these anklets never looked better. What better way to show off their sexy calves and legs than with an anklet. They add charm and elegance to whatever you are wearing.

Variety of Anklets

There are various kinds of anklets. There are gold anklets, custom or personalized anklets, anklets with diamonds or other gems, beaded anklets, shell anklets, leather anklets, sterling silver anklets flexible or hinged anklets and stretch, and weave or locking anklets. When you are considering buying one for yourself or for someone else, you must consider this purchase wisely.

Purchasing Your Anklet

You could always opt to go to the conventional jewelry shop. Going to a local jewelry store or a local mall would give you the chance to look around and find the perfect ankle bracelet that would catch your interest. Ideally, purchasing anklets in the mall would be better for you as you could easily refund your money and give back the item if there is any problem with your purchase. You could also try surfing the internet and searching online. This is more convenient for you as you do not even have to get out of your pajamas or drive downtown to purchase an anklet. Just make sure that the jewelry shop you would choose to buy your anklet from would have an established place of business that you could always go to or drop by later if there is any problem or if the anklet did not meet your expectations. You would also feel safer giving out your credit card number when you know that the jewelry store is completely legitimate.

When buying your anklet, think about what pleases you or the person you are giving it to. Take note of what kind of personality you have or she has. What do you or she prefers? Should it be white or yellow gold? Should it be silver? Customized? Beaded? Take your time to search for the perfect item and have a variety of options to choose from and go for what you feel would be most suitable. As a gift, it need not be expensive, although you could always go for the really expensive ones if the price is not a problem for you.

Fitting Sterling Silver Charms

Assembling charms can be confusing but that is only because there are several types of attachments. Some are made so that charms can be easily slipped on and off - you can then ring the changes with different colored charms and so on or wear your bracelet plain and simple if you like.

The kinds of attachments you will find are

a. Jump Rings

Jump rings are used to solder a charm to a bracelet and are a permanent and secure solution for fitting a charm but getting each charm added in this way can prove expensive as you may be charged for attaching in this way. This is especially the case if you want to add 10, 20 or more charms to your bracelet. Another disadvantage of this method is that it does not allow you to "ring the changes" which is part of the beauty of a charm bracelet.

b. Split Rings

A split ring is exactly like the spiral ring you find on a keyring (although obviously much smaller). You push the charm onto the ring and it opens so that you can thread the charm onto it then it closes so that the charm remains secure. They are quite fiddly to work with if you have small delicate jump rings, but they do mean you can fit charms yourself without having to go to a jeweller. Also as the metal is quite thin they are better with thin bracelets as stretching the split ring too much can cause it to remain open and less secure. You can help that by "tightening" the ring with a small pair of pliers.

c. No Solder Jump Rings

These are high quality jump rings which are cut in such a way that they can be opened and closed with pliers to give a neat close which is secure yet does not have to be soldered. This means that the charms can be moved at a later date - although it is not an easy option for changing your charms for a night out!

d. Lobster Catch

A lobster catch is the kind of fastening you find on necklaces where the ring is opened and closed by means of a small tag which is pulled to open the ring and released so that it springs back to form a closed and secure ring. These are the easiest attachments to be able to quickly change your bracelet.

If your charms do not come with attachments, then make sure that you buy the necessary pieces at the time of ordering to avoid the frustration of getting your charms in the mail and not being able to wear them. If you buy charms at a jewelry store ask for them to be fitted at the time you buy them.

For many gift ideas see Silver Charms Online where you will find all kinds of information about sterling silver charms and bracelets.

Would an Italian Charm Bracelet Make a Good Present?

Are you confused what to give to a friend or love ones? Well consider giving Italian charm bracelet! They are not that expensive depending on the kind of material it is made of and the best thing is you are able to create a personalized bracelet.

You can design one according to the person's likes and hobbies. If she loves ballet dancing then you can find ballet skippers or ballet dancer in her bracelet. If he loves sports then you can put his favorite team. It would be much fan and the recipient would surely appreciate it.

When buying Italian charms for yourself or as a gift, make sure that you are after the quality. There are so many stores selling these items that it is hard to know which one is really good and bad. So when you go buy one, consider the following points.
  • Check if it is made of stainless steel. Ask them what grade of stainless steel their charms are. They should know and usually theses charms are labeled with a number followed by a letter like 304L.
  • Charms that has mark of its brand name or logo at the back is considered of high quality although take caution because there are items mark stainless steel and yet it's not. So just be extra careful when you choose your charms.
  • If you are shopping online, make sure to read their return policy or if they have money back guarantee. Read also the reviews posted by the customer. This certainly helps you to decide whether to get the item or not.
  • Make sure to ask if their charms are covered with protective epoxy.
  • There are many sites that sell 18 karat gold Italian charms. Just make sure that you are paying for a solid 18 karat gold charm and not an 18 karat gold tone or gold accented charm.
  • All of the items are great for gifts but the most popular charms are Heart charms, Ribbon charms, American flag, Flowers, Family and I love my kids type charms, known words and phrases like "child of God", "Dream" etc., Birthstones and religious charms.
Keep these points in mind when you go and buy your Italian charm bracelet. You will surely have a wide selection to choose from. This will certainly make a fantastic gift for all special occasions like Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and even Mothers day.

Best thing about this kind of bracelet is that, it is good for all ages and for both sexes. They are getting so popular that adults to children are sporting this jewelry already.

For some collecting them become a hobby. It is like collecting old memories in the past. Each charm links has its story to tell. It is definitely not just something to show off but this bracelet shows your personality and even your ways of life. It truly is a special gift you can give to your family or friends.

If you want to learn more about the beauty of Italian charm bracelets try visiting also, where you will find this and a lot more tips on how to create your unique bracelet by using Zoppini Italian charms.

Italian Charms - A Charming Gift For All

Are you having problems choosing the perfect gift for a friend for her 30th birthday bash? Straining your brain thinking of the right gift for your friend's baby shower? Well, you need not worry anymore because there is one gift that is wonderful and practically suitable for everybody. It is called the Italian charms. Do not let the name deceive you. Italian charms have nothing to do with white or black magic charms. It is a handmade jewelry that originates from Italy. The companies that manufacture this type of jewelry includes Zoppini, Gold & Steel, Boxing, Puzzle, Ryry, Patrizia, Talexia and ReFlorence to name a few. The jewelry comes in stainless steel and 18K gold finishes.

Italian charms are elegant and practical. Not only can you assemble the charms yourself and rearrange them whenever you feel like it, it also comes in variety of designs such as the personalized picture charms, alphabet initial charms, love charms, religious charms, birthstones and zodiac sign charms. By buying the charms, you are considered to have made a classy and timeless choice to express yourself. These linked charms are special as they can be assembled to a bracelet and set according to the wearer's unique taste and preferences. You can also add additional charms to the bracelet too.

The charms are customizable according to whatever occasions or celebration. If you would like to give one as a wedding present, you might want to choose alphabet initial charms that combine the initials of the bride and groom. For your spouse, you may want a love charm or one with personalized photo of yourself. You can also have designs that are themes or hobby related. You can find designs that incorporated golf, soccer, badminton, tennis and other sports. For someone who is a big fan of a celebrity, you can also get a charm that has the celebrity's image embedded on it.

Stars charms are quite common and this gift will surely delight the recipient. If you are visiting a sick friend or relative, you may offer him/her the charm bracelet as a get-well gift. Designs that you may want to consider are religious image such as Jesus, Mary or other deities in line with the recipient's belief. If the recipient is a Buddhist, then you may get her Buddhist mantra charms. This will be highly appreciated by the recipient. Arts and hobbies charms are also equally charming because they touch on the passion of the recipient. For a fashionista, there are fashion charms available. Designs that include high heels, trendy bags, bikinis and fashionable dolls images that are beautiful and inspiring. For the working class, there are charms that incorporate professions onto them.

 When it comes to charms, you are never short of choices. Animal lovers will love a charm that embeds images of their pets and also images of butterflies, bugs, birds, dogs and cats. There are charms that incorporate designs of travel and holidays related which globetrotters will love. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the London Bridge, USA's Statue of Liberty and Japanese architectural will be a wonderful gift for the frequent travelers. Picture of breathtaking beaches or views are also available for the nature lovers.

Those passionate about gardening will enjoy gifts of charms that have flowers and plants motives on them. Flower charms with many different types of floral patterns are definitely remarkable and are available for you to choose from. Superheroes charms like Harry Potter will delight children and adult fans alike. Wine and champagne lovers will love charms with motives that have food, wine bottles and champagne glasses on them. And as for babies, there are just endless choices to choose from, be it cartoons or Disney authenticated ones.

Whatever the occasion may be, charm bracelets make wonderful and personalized gifts for anyone, regardless their ages and background. Italian charms are a great way to create unforgettable, unique gifts for your precious ones. Even if you do not plan to give them away as presents, you can also wear them yourself and what makes it even more special is that you are free to create your own style and identity.

The author writes about Italian charm gifts for, where they offer all kinds of charms, including licensed Disney Italian charms and Sponge Bob Italian charms.

Choosing an Italian Charm Bracelet For the Truly Special Birthday

My mom will be celebrating her 80th birthday next month. Even though she insists she doesn't want or need anything, I would love to give her a memorable gift for this special occasion. As time goes by, I find it more and more difficult to buy suitable gifts for her. She truly does seem to have everything she wants and needs. After thinking about my options, I have eventually decided to create an Italian charm bracelet for my mother to mark this milestone birthday.

An Italian charm bracelet would be a great gift for my mother. It is a unique piece of jewelry that makes a simple fashion statement when worn with either casual or dressy ensembles. The bracelet, itself, comes in either a matte or polished silver finish, matching her other jewelry choices. It can easily be adjusted to fit my mother's small wrist simply by removing links until the desired size is achieved. My mother's arthritic fingers have a hard time fastening a clasp, but the Italian charm bracelet simply stretches over her hand, eliminating this frustrating task.

Every Italian charm bracelet has a unique style because of the variety of Italian charms available. The huge selection of Italian charms meets all interests. They range from flowers to sports teams; Hello Kitty charms to Garfield; NASCAR to musical instruments; symbols to zodiac and many, many more choices. Italian charms can easily be added to the bracelet at any given time, changing its appearance and making it more individual.

The bracelet, itself, comes in either a polished or matte finish, so it can compliment her other jewelry. Links in the bracelet can be removed to fit her tiny wrist. It goes with all types of clothing...dressy or casual. My mother mostly dresses casually now, but Italian charm bracelets are fancy enough to be worn for those occasions when she chooses to dress up.

The Italian charm bracelet I would like to create for my mother's 80th birthday is dedicated to celebrating different decades in her lifetime. I want it to be ageless and have special meaning specifically for her. I want it to represent her personality, her sense of humor, her independence, and her unconditional love. How wonderful that a single piece of jewelry can accommodate that.

I have decided to start my mother's Italian charm bracelet with a Virgo zodiac sign Italian charm to represent her birth month, of course. Next to this would be a Disney Minnie Mouse charm for her whimsical childhood. Her teenage years would be best represented with a grand piano, because of her love of music.

Marriage and family occupied her next several decades: her twenties, best represented by a bride and groom dancing couple charm; mother and child charm for her thirties; a grandmother charm for her fifties. The beautiful charm of a bright yellow flower (her favorite color) with the vividly colored butterfly to represent her part-time job at the local flower shop in her forties is another good choice.

Her sixties were a fun year for her, as she and Dad traveled to Hawaii in celebration of Dad's retirement. While there, they went on a whale-watching excursion, so the Italian charm of a hale's tail is a perfect reminder of that trip. She moved to a condominium in Florida at age 70, so the palm tree Italian charm would be an appropriate choice for that decade. And for 80: a Maltese dog Italian charm in honor of her constant, yet demanding, companion.

Giving my mother an Italian charm bracelet for her 80th birthday is a special gift she will ppreciate and enjoy. Even though she doesn't actually need it, I know she will want it!

You can design a bracelet of Italian charms to reflect the life of anyone. It is one of the Weaver's favorite, personalized gifts.

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