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One of the most popular adornments in the ancient world, a bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. The history of bracelets and their association to mysticism is an interesting lore. Different cultures across the world had different mystic associations to bracelets. Indian women wore bracelets in marriage and associated it symbolically to being married; in Rome, the most popular form of the bracelet consisted of coiled rings with snakehead ends, symbolic of the youthful forces of life. As per some jewelry experts and historians the female bracelet evolved from male warrior rings, related not only to the protection of the hand. And from there it further evolved into a major fashion accessory.

Types of bracelets

Bangle - A bangle is an ornament worn mainly by women around their wrists. It is usually circular in shape, and, unlike bracelet, is not flexible. The word bangle is derived from the Hindi term "bungri" meaning "glass". Bangles are an important accessory for women in Indian culture. It is customary for married women to wear bangles. Bangles are usually skinny in width but wider width alternatives are also available.

Jelly bracelets - A fad of the 1980's, Jelly Bracelets have shown a resurgence in today's society. These are made of soft rubber-like material and are available come in a spectrum of rainbow colors, including clear. Apart from being highly trendy, jelly bracelets are incredibly cheap.

Cuffs - A vintage fashion, cuffs are worn around the wrist, fastened with Velcro or snaps. Cuffs are usually quite wide and often feature bright or eye-catching ornamentation, colors or designs.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets - The thin bracelet with channel-set diamonds is called a diamond tennis bracelet. The lore dates back to 1987 when Chris Evert, the champion tennis player of her times, was playing in the US Open. She was wearing an elegant, channel-set diamond bracelet, which accidentally broke during the game and the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. The 'tennis bracelet' incident inspired a new name for the item and initiated a huge jewelry trend.

Gemstone Bracelets - Bracelets made of natural gemstones are popular these days as well. They add a mystic and vintage flair to any outfit and come in many different colors and varieties.

Bracelets, in all varieties, colors and style, make great gifts, for a friend, loved one, or even yourself! So the next time you buy jewelry, think of spicing-up your look with a bracelet that matches your style.

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