Italian Charms Can Make Going Back to the Classroom More Interesting

The mornings are clear and crisp now. Leaves on trees are starting to turn orange, yellow and red. The air is cooler. Squirrels are starting to gather their stash of pinecones and nuts. These are the changes we notice when Autumn is approaching. Another indication of Fall: the start of a new school year. Parents anticipate this event each year, wanting their kids to return to structured routine; hoping educational stimuli will engage their children's minds; wishing friendship experiences will go smoothly for them.

Anticipation of the new school year hangs heavily at our house. You see, my kids will be attending a new school this year. They are not just starting at any new school, but the nearby RIVAL school. They are apprehensive about many things in this change, particularly being accepted and making a new set of friends. I have given them each a gift to let them know that I am thinking of them; that they are special; that I understand their mixed emotions.
Angel Fish Italian CharmAngel Fish Italian Charm
This Angel Fish is so cute and nice that you will be tempted to put it in your tank instead of your bracelet. Beautiful and colorful Angel Fish Italian Charm is so lovely that you just have to get it. The Angel Fish is painted in bright enamel on a glittering stainless steel base.

The gifts I have chosen for my children consist of Italian charms. These are simple, easy-to-assemble items that can be put together in such a way to make quite the fashion statement. The variety of Italian charms accommodate different tastes, highlighting interests, hobbies, and collectibles. Italian charms range from sports to musical instruments; from Disney to Elvis; from animals to universal signs.

I have given my son an Italian charm keychain in which to carry his locker and house keys. It fits neatly into his pocket, yet is large enough so as not to be misplaced. The Italian charms I have chosen for this keychain are charms to highlight his interest in college and professional football and eliminate the pressures of "changing teams" in his high school years. My son is an avid Green Bay Packers fan, so he would greatly appreciate that Italian charm. He has aspirations of attending college at the University of Michigan, so the blue and gold "M" Italian charm would also please him. Since football is his favorite sport, the Italian charms of the football, the lasered "I (heart) Football", and football helmet are added. The selections of these Italian charms make a personal statement for him. He can add additional Italian charms as he pleases. With this Italian Charm Keychain, each time he uses it, he can be reminded that this stage in his life is temporary and he can concentrate on his favorite pastime, instead.

I have chosen an Italian charm bracelet for my daughter. She can wear it with anything and everything. She can look at it and be reminded of happier, more secure times. The Italian charms I have selected for her are her favorite Disney characters: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Goofy, Donald Duck. Imagine her delight at other girls noticing this Italian charm bracelet and showing interest in it. In fact, the other girls are also sporting Italian charm bracelets with their own favorite characters. My daughter's Italian Charm Bracelet has proven to be the conversation-starter she so desperately needed.

Whether as a bracelet or carried on a keychain, Italian charms make a unique statement. They are individualized to any person's tastes and interests. In my children's case, they are quite an ice-breaker for meeting new friends and becoming an accepted member of teen society.

An Italian charm keychain or an Italian charm bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for any age. Some kind of gift made from Italian charms is one of the Weaver's favorite presents.

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