Why Italian Charm Bracelets Are Not Only For Women

Although Italian charm jewelry is quite popular with women, it also appeals to men. That is why there are bracelets and links that are design to fit a man's preference.

It is not surprising to see men and women wear these bracelets in these days. It's definitely not for women alone but men do wear them as well. Mothers usually put pictures of their kids and so does proud fathers.

Italian charms are designed to suit for either gender and charms for men usually have sporting themes, military symbols. They can actually personalize their own bracelets with their own initials or dedications for their children or spouse.


These piece of jewelry is quite different from traditional charm bracelets. Traditional charm bracelet dangles, a complete opposite of this type of bracelet. They do not dangle and they consist of flat links.

Unique design

What is unique with this jewelry is that its links are interchangeable. You can change it to whatever theme you want it to be. You can design it in a way that it compliments what you wear.

Available in different Metals

It is available in different metal and stones. The original Italian link charms are made of 18 karat gold. It is quite expensive however you can go for a much cheaper one like plated silver charms and sterling silver charms.

Online Retailers

Sweet Heart Italian Charm
You can shop online for your bracelets and charms. You'll have a wide selection of these items online at a low price. You might be confused especially if you are just about to buy your first Italian Charm bracelet. It is recommended that you get it from a professional jeweler. Charms are easy to buy but bracelets are not that easy since it has to be fitted properly.

It is better to get it from a professional jeweler so that you get one that really fits for you and you will be given tips too on how to change your charms and get help in buying them. It is also possible to design your own bracelet.

Sizes of Italian Charm Bracelet

There are six different sizes for adults from 16 to 21 links while there are three different children sizes from 15 to 15 links.

Today these type of bracelets are gaining popularity worldwide. Its unique style is well accepted by people of different cultures. You can definitely see both men and women of all ages enjoy wearing one.

If you want to learn more about the beauty of Italian charms bracelets try visiting also italiancharmbraceletcharms.com, where you will find this and a lot more tips on how to create your unique bracelet by using name Italian charms.

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