The Different Types of Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet consists of a link band to which various small, dangling pieces known as charms are attached. Their number and style are subject to the various fashions. From the spiritual and complex meaning of the ancient Egyptian and medieval charms to their aesthetic appeal in contemporary style, these jewelry items with a rich history are always attractive and desired by women of nay age and status.

Charm bracelets are one piece of jewelry that never truly goes out of style, and right now they are as popular as they have ever been, thanks to their amazing versatility. They can be assorted to more than enough outfit styles, from the sultry and sexy to the practical and sporty. It is truly a pleasure to wear them. Apart from the charms themselves, there are other pretty pieces to intersperse them, like beads, pearls or semi-precious stones. These add color and body to the piece of jewelry.

The best known type of charm bracelets is the dangling one, followed by the European and the Italian or Pandora style. Each type has its own unique style of charms which define it. The dangling is the traditional one, with a base made of interlocking links of stainless steel, gold, silver or comfortable materials like leather and fabric, to be worn around the wrists. Typical charms are represented by common symbols like a heart for love and romance, a coin for prosperity, a dice for gambler's luck, four-leaf clover, horseshoe, hamsa hand or representations of animals. These can be made of differently hued metals, like sterling silver, gold, bronze and copper. A trend connected to the New Age is represented by the Chinese charms - jade carvings, bronze miniatures of coins, bells, money bags, turtles, frogs, pictograms or spiritual symbols like Yin-Yang.

The European charm bracelet or the Pandora type is using beads on a rope-like base and the weather may choose whichever mix they prefer. Apart from the popular glass beads, there are gemstones, motifs with initials or various themes. The Murano glass beads are famous for their uniqueness and the embedded colors. The interesting part about the European design is the round bead charms that can form any desired pattern. Each Pandora bracelet has three segments of threading. The beads are screwed onto this and each is free to rotate. In terms of material, countless combinations are possible. Metal, glass, gemstone, wood are equally good choices. Matching earring and rings are also available to complete the look. The patented threading system makes the Pandora bracelets special and unique. Concerning the charms, each season brings new inventions and keeps the design dynamic and appealing.

A recent addition to the market is the Italian charm bracelet, all made of flat pieces interlock with each other, just like in a watch band. Any of these can be changed when the owner want to do so. It is, therefore, another highly customizable design. The traditionally rectangular pieces are made of stainless steel and gold charms are soldered on top. These usually represent letters of the alphabet, zodiac signs, ribbons to support causes, religious symbols and so on. Each link has it own image, and there are usually eighteen of them. This design that emerged in Italy is totally new, as no charms are dangling on a chain. The flat links are an original way to tell a story - each time a different one, if desired.

No matter the type, a charm bracelet is versatile and offers countless possibilities to express a personality or to gather memories, at the same time making a style statement and displaying beauty through its mix of colors and textures.

James is from the UK and works in the jewelry industry, he has over 20 years experience creating jewelry and takes influence from many styles around the world.

Trendy Italian Charm Bracelets

As with their names, the Italian charm bracelets originated from Italy. From the beginning of its introduction till now, more and more people are wearing them, even the soccer stars wears them and they think of it as their national symbol and pride, along with their national flag. The American people have started catching on the trend recently, during the late 20th century and started wearing them, and soon after, became a popular and common accessory for many.

The world of Italian charm bracelets are fast becoming the "in" thing in the fashion world and it is not only gaining the attention of the young female population but also the attention of the general male population and also the older and more mature women as well. These people embrace the culture of the bracelets no matter how old they are, their particular race, the religion they believe in, their marital status or even the country they live in. The factor that makes the Italian charm bracelets special and unique than other bracelets available in the market is that the links in the bracelets can be removed and changed to give the bracelet a personal touch.

Italian charm bracelets
Italian charm bracelets
Some of the readers might not have an idea what an Italian charm bracelet is. The Italian charm bracelet, in fact, is like a normal bracelet in which comes with an elastic band to support the bracelet which consists of metal links where they are joined together to form an Italian charm bracelet. The standard size of the charm bracelet is eighteen links, and most of the bracelets are regulated because the makers do not want their bracelets to look weird in terms of sizes when compared to other bracelets in the market. There are separate single links being sold in stores and retail outlets nowadays where the customers can find links that have special pictures or photos that are permanently printed on the links so that the customers can choose their own links and add them to their charm bracelet to make it special. The design of the links varies from general photos or images to famous cartoon characters. It is easy for the customers to use the new link on their bracelet since they only have to slip it in.

The links on the bracelet are normally made from metal materials. Makers will use metals such as gold, stainless steel, platinum, aluminum, or gold plates when they are making the links. You are able to rearrange the links on your bracelet anytime or replace them anytime you want. To join in the trend of the Italian charm bracelet, you will need to purchase a starter or beginner bracelet first. These bracelets are normally only plain blank bracelets and it is up to you to change it. It is better to start by purchasing additional links which are made from non rust materials such as stainless steel or gold since they will last longer. If you are not sure what kind of gifts you should give to your love ones, then you can give them the beginner Italian charm bracelet and let them do the changing of the links.

As stated earlier in this article the Italian charm bracelet can be removed and re-organized into different looks. The chosen themes can be from their favorite sports like golf, soccer, to their favorite movies or their birthdays and so on. You can try and apply more than one theme on your charm bracelet so you have to mix them carefully. These Italian bracelets can be found in various different choices ranging from novelty goods to jewel made, and you have to make your choice based on your allocated budget and how is the theme important to you.

There are a growing number of retail outlets that supply both the blank bracelets and personalized links. These themes can range from the wacky to the formal. A great resource to peruse for the best and most appropriate charms is the internet as you can look through thousands of styles before making your choice. The retailers are usually more than happy to ship worldwide to your location.

Among the fans of the Italian charm bracelet, one of the popular trends is to use their own photos or pictures to be imprinted into their personal links where makers nowadays are using the newest thermal imaging technology where the photographs are directly printed on the single links and lacquered it to make the pictures more lasting. Companies and businesses can also make use of the Italian charm links to promote and advertise their company names and their products and services by imprinting their company logo and slogan on the charm links to increase brand name awareness among the charm bracelet users. These Italian bracelet charms can be given to individuals as their birthday presents or gifts to others when you travel to other countries and they certainly can show the appreciation and love you have towards the other person.

So just remember that if you are looking to accessorize or want to give a loved one a gift, a great choice would be an Italian charm bracelet as these wonderful items can suit any occasion by simply selecting and using the relevant links. This thematic approach to jewelry will continue to make these gifts a highly sought after item by many anxious gift givers worldwide.

The author is a consultant for an online jewelry store that offers a wide selection of Italian charms. You might choose a licensed, cute Hello Kitty Italian charm or a beautiful picture Italian charm. You can begin with an Italian charm starter bracelet

Ankle Bracelets

Rings, arm bracelets, charms, earrings, and necklaces have always been a popular and noticeable form of accessory for women, but anklets that have also been around for a long time add a certain flair to a woman's appearance. A woman wearing an anklet with a summer dress or with a swimsuit could have an even more interesting appearance than another woman wearing the same apparel.

Brief History of Anklets

Ankle bracelets or anklets have always been a popular accessory adorning girls' and women's ankles for decades. First worn in India, the fashion of wearing these ankle bracelets have evolved to the Western countries. In the early 50's, these thin chains have been became a sign of rebellion, and the trend of using them has caught on. In time, women started to wear these chains for a more modern and sexy appearance. Variations of these chains were then designed for each decade, and these anklets never looked better. What better way to show off their sexy calves and legs than with an anklet. They add charm and elegance to whatever you are wearing.

Variety of Anklets

There are various kinds of anklets. There are gold anklets, custom or personalized anklets, anklets with diamonds or other gems, beaded anklets, shell anklets, leather anklets, sterling silver anklets flexible or hinged anklets and stretch, and weave or locking anklets. When you are considering buying one for yourself or for someone else, you must consider this purchase wisely.

Purchasing Your Anklet

You could always opt to go to the conventional jewelry shop. Going to a local jewelry store or a local mall would give you the chance to look around and find the perfect ankle bracelet that would catch your interest. Ideally, purchasing anklets in the mall would be better for you as you could easily refund your money and give back the item if there is any problem with your purchase. You could also try surfing the internet and searching online. This is more convenient for you as you do not even have to get out of your pajamas or drive downtown to purchase an anklet. Just make sure that the jewelry shop you would choose to buy your anklet from would have an established place of business that you could always go to or drop by later if there is any problem or if the anklet did not meet your expectations. You would also feel safer giving out your credit card number when you know that the jewelry store is completely legitimate.

When buying your anklet, think about what pleases you or the person you are giving it to. Take note of what kind of personality you have or she has. What do you or she prefers? Should it be white or yellow gold? Should it be silver? Customized? Beaded? Take your time to search for the perfect item and have a variety of options to choose from and go for what you feel would be most suitable. As a gift, it need not be expensive, although you could always go for the really expensive ones if the price is not a problem for you.

Fitting Sterling Silver Charms

Assembling charms can be confusing but that is only because there are several types of attachments. Some are made so that charms can be easily slipped on and off - you can then ring the changes with different colored charms and so on or wear your bracelet plain and simple if you like.

The kinds of attachments you will find are

a. Jump Rings

Jump rings are used to solder a charm to a bracelet and are a permanent and secure solution for fitting a charm but getting each charm added in this way can prove expensive as you may be charged for attaching in this way. This is especially the case if you want to add 10, 20 or more charms to your bracelet. Another disadvantage of this method is that it does not allow you to "ring the changes" which is part of the beauty of a charm bracelet.

b. Split Rings

A split ring is exactly like the spiral ring you find on a keyring (although obviously much smaller). You push the charm onto the ring and it opens so that you can thread the charm onto it then it closes so that the charm remains secure. They are quite fiddly to work with if you have small delicate jump rings, but they do mean you can fit charms yourself without having to go to a jeweller. Also as the metal is quite thin they are better with thin bracelets as stretching the split ring too much can cause it to remain open and less secure. You can help that by "tightening" the ring with a small pair of pliers.

c. No Solder Jump Rings

These are high quality jump rings which are cut in such a way that they can be opened and closed with pliers to give a neat close which is secure yet does not have to be soldered. This means that the charms can be moved at a later date - although it is not an easy option for changing your charms for a night out!

d. Lobster Catch

A lobster catch is the kind of fastening you find on necklaces where the ring is opened and closed by means of a small tag which is pulled to open the ring and released so that it springs back to form a closed and secure ring. These are the easiest attachments to be able to quickly change your bracelet.

If your charms do not come with attachments, then make sure that you buy the necessary pieces at the time of ordering to avoid the frustration of getting your charms in the mail and not being able to wear them. If you buy charms at a jewelry store ask for them to be fitted at the time you buy them.

For many gift ideas see Silver Charms Online where you will find all kinds of information about sterling silver charms and bracelets.

Would an Italian Charm Bracelet Make a Good Present?

Are you confused what to give to a friend or love ones? Well consider giving Italian charm bracelet! They are not that expensive depending on the kind of material it is made of and the best thing is you are able to create a personalized bracelet.

You can design one according to the person's likes and hobbies. If she loves ballet dancing then you can find ballet skippers or ballet dancer in her bracelet. If he loves sports then you can put his favorite team. It would be much fan and the recipient would surely appreciate it.

When buying Italian charms for yourself or as a gift, make sure that you are after the quality. There are so many stores selling these items that it is hard to know which one is really good and bad. So when you go buy one, consider the following points.
  • Check if it is made of stainless steel. Ask them what grade of stainless steel their charms are. They should know and usually theses charms are labeled with a number followed by a letter like 304L.
  • Charms that has mark of its brand name or logo at the back is considered of high quality although take caution because there are items mark stainless steel and yet it's not. So just be extra careful when you choose your charms.
  • If you are shopping online, make sure to read their return policy or if they have money back guarantee. Read also the reviews posted by the customer. This certainly helps you to decide whether to get the item or not.
  • Make sure to ask if their charms are covered with protective epoxy.
  • There are many sites that sell 18 karat gold Italian charms. Just make sure that you are paying for a solid 18 karat gold charm and not an 18 karat gold tone or gold accented charm.
  • All of the items are great for gifts but the most popular charms are Heart charms, Ribbon charms, American flag, Flowers, Family and I love my kids type charms, known words and phrases like "child of God", "Dream" etc., Birthstones and religious charms.
Keep these points in mind when you go and buy your Italian charm bracelet. You will surely have a wide selection to choose from. This will certainly make a fantastic gift for all special occasions like Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and even Mothers day.

Best thing about this kind of bracelet is that, it is good for all ages and for both sexes. They are getting so popular that adults to children are sporting this jewelry already.

For some collecting them become a hobby. It is like collecting old memories in the past. Each charm links has its story to tell. It is definitely not just something to show off but this bracelet shows your personality and even your ways of life. It truly is a special gift you can give to your family or friends.

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Italian Charms - A Charming Gift For All

Are you having problems choosing the perfect gift for a friend for her 30th birthday bash? Straining your brain thinking of the right gift for your friend's baby shower? Well, you need not worry anymore because there is one gift that is wonderful and practically suitable for everybody. It is called the Italian charms. Do not let the name deceive you. Italian charms have nothing to do with white or black magic charms. It is a handmade jewelry that originates from Italy. The companies that manufacture this type of jewelry includes Zoppini, Gold & Steel, Boxing, Puzzle, Ryry, Patrizia, Talexia and ReFlorence to name a few. The jewelry comes in stainless steel and 18K gold finishes.

Italian charms are elegant and practical. Not only can you assemble the charms yourself and rearrange them whenever you feel like it, it also comes in variety of designs such as the personalized picture charms, alphabet initial charms, love charms, religious charms, birthstones and zodiac sign charms. By buying the charms, you are considered to have made a classy and timeless choice to express yourself. These linked charms are special as they can be assembled to a bracelet and set according to the wearer's unique taste and preferences. You can also add additional charms to the bracelet too.

The charms are customizable according to whatever occasions or celebration. If you would like to give one as a wedding present, you might want to choose alphabet initial charms that combine the initials of the bride and groom. For your spouse, you may want a love charm or one with personalized photo of yourself. You can also have designs that are themes or hobby related. You can find designs that incorporated golf, soccer, badminton, tennis and other sports. For someone who is a big fan of a celebrity, you can also get a charm that has the celebrity's image embedded on it.

Stars charms are quite common and this gift will surely delight the recipient. If you are visiting a sick friend or relative, you may offer him/her the charm bracelet as a get-well gift. Designs that you may want to consider are religious image such as Jesus, Mary or other deities in line with the recipient's belief. If the recipient is a Buddhist, then you may get her Buddhist mantra charms. This will be highly appreciated by the recipient. Arts and hobbies charms are also equally charming because they touch on the passion of the recipient. For a fashionista, there are fashion charms available. Designs that include high heels, trendy bags, bikinis and fashionable dolls images that are beautiful and inspiring. For the working class, there are charms that incorporate professions onto them.

 When it comes to charms, you are never short of choices. Animal lovers will love a charm that embeds images of their pets and also images of butterflies, bugs, birds, dogs and cats. There are charms that incorporate designs of travel and holidays related which globetrotters will love. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the London Bridge, USA's Statue of Liberty and Japanese architectural will be a wonderful gift for the frequent travelers. Picture of breathtaking beaches or views are also available for the nature lovers.

Those passionate about gardening will enjoy gifts of charms that have flowers and plants motives on them. Flower charms with many different types of floral patterns are definitely remarkable and are available for you to choose from. Superheroes charms like Harry Potter will delight children and adult fans alike. Wine and champagne lovers will love charms with motives that have food, wine bottles and champagne glasses on them. And as for babies, there are just endless choices to choose from, be it cartoons or Disney authenticated ones.

Whatever the occasion may be, charm bracelets make wonderful and personalized gifts for anyone, regardless their ages and background. Italian charms are a great way to create unforgettable, unique gifts for your precious ones. Even if you do not plan to give them away as presents, you can also wear them yourself and what makes it even more special is that you are free to create your own style and identity.

The author writes about Italian charm gifts for, where they offer all kinds of charms, including licensed Disney Italian charms and Sponge Bob Italian charms.

Choosing an Italian Charm Bracelet For the Truly Special Birthday

My mom will be celebrating her 80th birthday next month. Even though she insists she doesn't want or need anything, I would love to give her a memorable gift for this special occasion. As time goes by, I find it more and more difficult to buy suitable gifts for her. She truly does seem to have everything she wants and needs. After thinking about my options, I have eventually decided to create an Italian charm bracelet for my mother to mark this milestone birthday.

An Italian charm bracelet would be a great gift for my mother. It is a unique piece of jewelry that makes a simple fashion statement when worn with either casual or dressy ensembles. The bracelet, itself, comes in either a matte or polished silver finish, matching her other jewelry choices. It can easily be adjusted to fit my mother's small wrist simply by removing links until the desired size is achieved. My mother's arthritic fingers have a hard time fastening a clasp, but the Italian charm bracelet simply stretches over her hand, eliminating this frustrating task.

Every Italian charm bracelet has a unique style because of the variety of Italian charms available. The huge selection of Italian charms meets all interests. They range from flowers to sports teams; Hello Kitty charms to Garfield; NASCAR to musical instruments; symbols to zodiac and many, many more choices. Italian charms can easily be added to the bracelet at any given time, changing its appearance and making it more individual.

The bracelet, itself, comes in either a polished or matte finish, so it can compliment her other jewelry. Links in the bracelet can be removed to fit her tiny wrist. It goes with all types of clothing...dressy or casual. My mother mostly dresses casually now, but Italian charm bracelets are fancy enough to be worn for those occasions when she chooses to dress up.

The Italian charm bracelet I would like to create for my mother's 80th birthday is dedicated to celebrating different decades in her lifetime. I want it to be ageless and have special meaning specifically for her. I want it to represent her personality, her sense of humor, her independence, and her unconditional love. How wonderful that a single piece of jewelry can accommodate that.

I have decided to start my mother's Italian charm bracelet with a Virgo zodiac sign Italian charm to represent her birth month, of course. Next to this would be a Disney Minnie Mouse charm for her whimsical childhood. Her teenage years would be best represented with a grand piano, because of her love of music.

Marriage and family occupied her next several decades: her twenties, best represented by a bride and groom dancing couple charm; mother and child charm for her thirties; a grandmother charm for her fifties. The beautiful charm of a bright yellow flower (her favorite color) with the vividly colored butterfly to represent her part-time job at the local flower shop in her forties is another good choice.

Her sixties were a fun year for her, as she and Dad traveled to Hawaii in celebration of Dad's retirement. While there, they went on a whale-watching excursion, so the Italian charm of a hale's tail is a perfect reminder of that trip. She moved to a condominium in Florida at age 70, so the palm tree Italian charm would be an appropriate choice for that decade. And for 80: a Maltese dog Italian charm in honor of her constant, yet demanding, companion.

Giving my mother an Italian charm bracelet for her 80th birthday is a special gift she will ppreciate and enjoy. Even though she doesn't actually need it, I know she will want it!

You can design a bracelet of Italian charms to reflect the life of anyone. It is one of the Weaver's favorite, personalized gifts.

Dress for Success - Claim Your Style With Italian Charms

I don't know about you, but the toughest part of my morning routine is deciding what to wear.
That's right: I have no trouble hopping out of bed early...but I rarely get to work on time-all because I spend precious morning minutes pondering the perfect outfit. And it's not even the big issues - like which top or what pants to wear - that take up all my time. I don't even hassle over matching my socks: no, it's the accessories that always get me. I blame my mother. She has always been great at accessorizing - a real natural! Some how her skills were lost on me.

Fortunately, I recently discovered the ideal accessory - it goes with every outfit! - the Italian Charm bracelet. This little accessory has rescued me from fashion oblivion countless times. And, lately, I've even managed to get to work on time! Italian charms meet every one of my criteria (and even several of my mother's) for the perfect accessory: they match any outfit (very important factor!); they are unique; and they attract attention (especially on all-important date nights).

Italian charm bracelets are the popular new style of charm bracelet made of small flexible metal links, each with a unique image. They have become popular for their sleek style and because of the great variety of charm links - there are links for each and every style. Italian Charm bracelets are the perfect solution to any accessory problem because they go with any outfit.

The best thing about Italian charms is that they're removable and interchangeable, which means that they can both fit your fashion needs and express your unique personality. Charms come in all styles - from serious to silly. You can choose to put your Italian Charm bracelet together with letters, to spell your name, or with images, to tell the story of who you are and what you like to do. For everyday use, you may choose to wear fun, personal charms that express your identity.

Custom Photo Charm
Custom Photo Charm
There are thousands of charms to fit your personality: charms that reflect your favorite pastimes and activities, charms that indicate your favorite travels or artists; you can even have Italian Charms made with photos of yourself or your friends! And, on those special occasions when you have to dress to impress, you can unlink a few of your personal charms and replace them with some more elegant ones such as flowers, classic paintings, or just sophisticated designs. And all the charms come in a sleek silver color, so you can be sure that they will match any outfit you choose.

Italian charms are just the accessory you have been looking for: they will flatter both your outfit and your excellent sense of style! No more wasting precious minutes before work or that big date digging through loud scarves and gaudy jewelry - just pull out your Italian charm bracelet and consider yourself a fashion accessory success!

While I can't guarantee that it will be easy to pick out your outfit next time you're preparing for that hot date, you can rest assured that you will at least have the perfect and unique accessory: your Italian Charm bracelet. When you're on your date, you'll be sure to impress him with your beautiful outfit accented by a gorgeous bracelet. Plus, if you include a few of your personal, fun charms, you'll create a perfect conversation starter for your date. Who knows, maybe on your next date he'll be wearing one as well!

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Set Apart From the Rest by Choosing Handmade Silver Jewelry

In today's world, people are used to mass production. They do not mind having one of the many items produced by the machine as long as they are affordable. But some things remain to be special. Some things are meant to have more importance over other items, which mean they demand a certain premium.

Handmade silver jewelry is one of them. While machines have paved the way to produce cheaper jewelry, fine jewelry comes about from careful craftsmanship. Handmade jewelry made from silver is jewelry set apart from the rest. These after all demand the patient labor of a skillful artisan who used various hand tools, instead of letting a machine do the work. The use of files, pliers, saw, mallet and blowtorch is a painstaking process which guarantees uniqueness of the jewelry and a premium on its price.

This is similar to possessing long gowns. There are those mass-produced items you see in the department store rack. These are definitely affordable but you get the risk of running into someone wearing the same dress. Otherwise, most of these dresses do not exactly match your personality and style because they are produced considering a safe style which can be accepted by most any personality. On the other hand, there are couture gowns which are produced using careful handwork, even some patient embroidery. These are definitely more cutout for its owner and are more valuable than those off-the-rack items.

Handmade jewelry are definitely more premium than the machine-produced items but silver items are the least expensive to make compared to the rest which use more precious metals like gold or platinum. With this fact, it is not impossible for you to own handmade jewelry. The art of producing them is also less difficult since such process have long existed - since the 13th century. German merchants started the use of sterling silver as they used silver coins for trading. Through time, there have been many substitutes and additions made into the production of silver jewelry.

It is therefore important to scrutinize the materials used in your jewelry. The price and value of your silver pieces depend on the gems and type of silver used. The price is not simply dictated by the fact that they are handmade, but also on the materials used. In the United States, sterling silver dictates that the piece should not contain less than 92.5% silver. The remaining content is copper. It is therefore common for your silver jewelry to tarnish because of this unique mixture of silver and copper. Silver plating is a different story altogether.

It means that whatever item can be used on your jewelry; only that a metal or some type of alloy is layered or coated with pure metal such as silver. There are silver pieces that are plainly made into costume jewelry which means they are produced to meet a certain trend. They may be handmade but they are usually made of non-precious metals with false gems or even plastic. They are inexpensive and poorly made which results to their easy bending, breaking and falling out.

To learn more about the beauty of silver jewelry try visiting also, where you will find this and a lot more tips and advice on how to choose sterling silver jewelry sets.

Why Italian Charm Bracelets Are Not Only For Women

Although Italian charm jewelry is quite popular with women, it also appeals to men. That is why there are bracelets and links that are design to fit a man's preference.

It is not surprising to see men and women wear these bracelets in these days. It's definitely not for women alone but men do wear them as well. Mothers usually put pictures of their kids and so does proud fathers.

Italian charms are designed to suit for either gender and charms for men usually have sporting themes, military symbols. They can actually personalize their own bracelets with their own initials or dedications for their children or spouse.


These piece of jewelry is quite different from traditional charm bracelets. Traditional charm bracelet dangles, a complete opposite of this type of bracelet. They do not dangle and they consist of flat links.

Unique design

What is unique with this jewelry is that its links are interchangeable. You can change it to whatever theme you want it to be. You can design it in a way that it compliments what you wear.

Available in different Metals

It is available in different metal and stones. The original Italian link charms are made of 18 karat gold. It is quite expensive however you can go for a much cheaper one like plated silver charms and sterling silver charms.

Online Retailers

Sweet Heart Italian Charm
You can shop online for your bracelets and charms. You'll have a wide selection of these items online at a low price. You might be confused especially if you are just about to buy your first Italian Charm bracelet. It is recommended that you get it from a professional jeweler. Charms are easy to buy but bracelets are not that easy since it has to be fitted properly.

It is better to get it from a professional jeweler so that you get one that really fits for you and you will be given tips too on how to change your charms and get help in buying them. It is also possible to design your own bracelet.

Sizes of Italian Charm Bracelet

There are six different sizes for adults from 16 to 21 links while there are three different children sizes from 15 to 15 links.

Today these type of bracelets are gaining popularity worldwide. Its unique style is well accepted by people of different cultures. You can definitely see both men and women of all ages enjoy wearing one.

If you want to learn more about the beauty of Italian charms bracelets try visiting also, where you will find this and a lot more tips on how to create your unique bracelet by using name Italian charms.

Exploring the Craft of Jewelry Design

There are many ways that you can enjoy jewelry design; some hands on, others at a distance. Which one you prefer will depend entirely on your personality and interests. Even for those who engage in designing their own jewelry, there are a number of media they can use; polymer clay, glass, beads, and metals are all possibilities.

Making your Own

If you choose to make your own jewelry, there are subgroups within this broad field. You can start from scratch, selecting metals, clays, glass rods, and so forth, and create beads, pendants, and more over time. There will be a number of skills you will need to learn to use each type of material, and for some, it is a progression of techniques as each craft leads to another. For example, someone who starts out with polymer clay may eventually expand to working with glass as many of the basics are similar but the results vary tremendously.

Starting with Supplies

If the idea of spending hours, if not days, creating the pieces of a necklace or bracelet you wish to wear sounds like a chore, you may enjoy designing your jewelry from a variety of premade items. Beads are available in a nearly endless range of materials. You can purchase pendants that suit your fancy and add them to your design.

In fact, you can skip the crafting process altogether and enjoy pulling together all the disparate elements of a piece of jewelry without ever setting foot in a workshop. Your best source for all the materials you need to create these kinds of items is the Internet. There, you will find an international selection, great prices, and, if you find the right site, plenty of assistance in designing and coordinating your purchases.

Another Online Option

One of the most helpful things you can find online is jewelry designing software. These programs come in two varieties. The first, and much more common, is a program that allows you to design jewelry using a collection of preselected items. For example, if you want to create a beaded necklace, you drag and drop various pictures of such beads onto a pictured chain and decide if you like the way it looks.

After you have created something you like, you order the item and receive your bits and pieces for you to put together. This way of designing jewelry is fine if you have the tools, can remember what you designed and have the time to do the work.

If you don't have either the time or the dexterity, consider finding the other type of online jewelry designing option. This type of design site will allow you to create a particular piece of jewelry, a necklace or bracelet for example, and then when you are happy with your creation, they will put it together for you and mail it to your home. You get the fun of designing without the frustration of construction.

Jewelry design can take many forms and can accommodate all levels of creativity. Whether you want to dig in and work the project from A to Z or you just want to end up with a particular look, there are designing options waiting for you online.

Jewelry can be customized in so many ways. Whether you are searching for kits, supplies or assistance in creating the perfect custom jewelry design piece, you can find everything you need at design jewelry.

Italian Charms Can Make Going Back to the Classroom More Interesting

The mornings are clear and crisp now. Leaves on trees are starting to turn orange, yellow and red. The air is cooler. Squirrels are starting to gather their stash of pinecones and nuts. These are the changes we notice when Autumn is approaching. Another indication of Fall: the start of a new school year. Parents anticipate this event each year, wanting their kids to return to structured routine; hoping educational stimuli will engage their children's minds; wishing friendship experiences will go smoothly for them.

Anticipation of the new school year hangs heavily at our house. You see, my kids will be attending a new school this year. They are not just starting at any new school, but the nearby RIVAL school. They are apprehensive about many things in this change, particularly being accepted and making a new set of friends. I have given them each a gift to let them know that I am thinking of them; that they are special; that I understand their mixed emotions.
Angel Fish Italian CharmAngel Fish Italian Charm
This Angel Fish is so cute and nice that you will be tempted to put it in your tank instead of your bracelet. Beautiful and colorful Angel Fish Italian Charm is so lovely that you just have to get it. The Angel Fish is painted in bright enamel on a glittering stainless steel base.

The gifts I have chosen for my children consist of Italian charms. These are simple, easy-to-assemble items that can be put together in such a way to make quite the fashion statement. The variety of Italian charms accommodate different tastes, highlighting interests, hobbies, and collectibles. Italian charms range from sports to musical instruments; from Disney to Elvis; from animals to universal signs.

I have given my son an Italian charm keychain in which to carry his locker and house keys. It fits neatly into his pocket, yet is large enough so as not to be misplaced. The Italian charms I have chosen for this keychain are charms to highlight his interest in college and professional football and eliminate the pressures of "changing teams" in his high school years. My son is an avid Green Bay Packers fan, so he would greatly appreciate that Italian charm. He has aspirations of attending college at the University of Michigan, so the blue and gold "M" Italian charm would also please him. Since football is his favorite sport, the Italian charms of the football, the lasered "I (heart) Football", and football helmet are added. The selections of these Italian charms make a personal statement for him. He can add additional Italian charms as he pleases. With this Italian Charm Keychain, each time he uses it, he can be reminded that this stage in his life is temporary and he can concentrate on his favorite pastime, instead.

I have chosen an Italian charm bracelet for my daughter. She can wear it with anything and everything. She can look at it and be reminded of happier, more secure times. The Italian charms I have selected for her are her favorite Disney characters: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White, Goofy, Donald Duck. Imagine her delight at other girls noticing this Italian charm bracelet and showing interest in it. In fact, the other girls are also sporting Italian charm bracelets with their own favorite characters. My daughter's Italian Charm Bracelet has proven to be the conversation-starter she so desperately needed.

Whether as a bracelet or carried on a keychain, Italian charms make a unique statement. They are individualized to any person's tastes and interests. In my children's case, they are quite an ice-breaker for meeting new friends and becoming an accepted member of teen society.

An Italian charm keychain or an Italian charm bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for any age. Some kind of gift made from Italian charms is one of the Weaver's favorite presents.

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