Adjusting to Being 'Tween-age With an Italian Charm Bracelet

Of all of the ages and stages of growing up, pre-teenage is, by far, the most difficult for a young lady. Dormant hormones are suddenly becoming active. Mood swings are uncontrollable and inevitable. It is a very awkward stage because of physical developments as well as emotional inconsistencies. Girls in this age range are too old for some things, yet too young for other things. They are no longer little girls, but not quite adolescents. This stage is referred to as the 'Tween-age.

Many fashion styles are deemed inappropriate for 'tween-age girls. This goes for jewelry selections, as well. However, I have found that an Italian Charm Bracelet is a very practical piece of jewelry for 'tween-agers, or all ages for that matter. Italian Charm Bracelets are very affordable, yet stylish, jewelry which can be customized to fit every pre-teen's personality.

There are many different Italian Charms from which to choose to design an Italian Charm Bracelet. There are collector's charms ranging from Coca-Cola to Elvis; or Hello Kitty to Disney to name a few.

Brown Football Italian Charm
Brown Football Italian Charm
For the sports enthusiasts, Italian charms for soccer, football, softball, and NASCAR are available. Animal Italian charms could include animals from the ocean, nature animals and pets. There are also numerous fun Italian charms including, but not limited to flip-flops, beach umbrellas, ice cream cones and rainbows. The selections of Italian charms are endless.

Fitting in with peers and being accepted as a member of 'tween society is very important for a young lady. What better way to do this than to design her very own Italian Charm Bracelet. This practical piece of jewelry is so inexpensive, a 'tween-age girl can easily afford to purchase it with her own babysitting or allowance cash, giving her the satisfaction of making independent choices. Designing her very own Italian Charm Bracelet shows off her creativity and gives her the confidence she requires to make her personal fashion statement. Best of all, Italian charms are interchangeable and can easily be changed or added to her Italian Charm Bracelet, depending on her every-changing whims.

Italian Charm Bracelets are an ideal solution to helping pre-teenage girls adjust to living in that 'tween stage. They can show off their creativity in designing them. Girls can gain confidence and be accepted by their peers by wearing them. Best of all, pre-teen girls can practice their independence by being able to purchase her Italian Charm Bracelet with her own money. Yes, this unique piece of jewelry, indeed, can help buffer growing pains 'tween-age girls go through. In fact, Italian Charm Bracelets are so versatile, affordable, and stylish, girls of ALL ages enjoy them!

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