Planning a Successful Style Show

I have been selected to plan the annual Style Show for our community. This is THE "must attend" event of the year. Ladies scramble for the limited number of tickets available. The anticipation of the Style Show is the highlight of the Spring Season, so imagine the pressure I endure to be successful in this venture.

Luckily, I have been active in past Style Shows. I was a model in one, served on the committee for another, and was the Mistress of Ceremonies for last year's event. Because of my past involvement, I feel like I have ample experience, but want to do a good job for our community.

I have selected several talented and hard-working ladies to serve on the committee for planning the Style Show. Each of these dependable women will do a wonderful job of fulfilling their duties in their particular areas of expertise. For example, Ann will be great at choosing the luncheon menu, as she is a wonderful cook. Jean is very artistic, so she has agreed to take care of decorations, centerpieces, and advertising posters. Esther is in charge of finding the apparel and coercing several gals to volunteer to be models. Aggie, a talented singer and dancer, has taken on the responsibility of entertaining the crowd while the models change clothes. My job is to "pull it all together" and delegate, delegate, delegate.

At our first meeting, we had a brainstorming session and came up with several ideas for this year's Theme. Suggestions were numerous and included ideas such as "Luau", "Spring Fling", and "Country Western". Ultimately, we decided on "Mardi Gras" for our Theme, mostly because all of the committee members had ideas tying in with it, but also because it sounded quite fun. We left this meeting with assignments to return the next week with concrete ideas of "Mardi Gras" for each of the committees.

Our second meeting proved to be very productive, as more ideas were shared and decisions were made. Ann selected a menu of various New Orleans favorites including Chicken Jambalaya; colorful veggie strips of red and yellow peppers, carrots, and celery; a thick slice of French bread; non-alcoholic Hurricane (red fruit punch) to drink; and King Cake for dessert. Decorations would include masks; feather boas; green, gold and purple balloons; and lots and lots of colorful beads. Aggie collected a myriad of jazzy music CDs and has even come across a gentleman who will play the saxophone as the ladies arrive.

The purpose of this event is the Style Show, itself. Esther has done a remarkable job of not only finding several gals to volunteer to model, but has contracted with a clothing boutique called "Razzle Dazzle" to showcase their fashions. This specialty shop couldn't have been more appropriate for this year's theme! Each clothing ensemble is so colorful and unique, the ladies will be sure to gasp with pleasure. Even the handbags are one-of-a-kind.

I have found the secret to planning a successful Style Show is to select a dependable committee, choose a workable Theme, delegate different duties, share the workload with each other, and trust that everyone will have a good time.

Laura Weaver writes about a variety of subjects from gourmet food gifts and fashion to travel and retirement.

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