Picking Out Italian Bracelet Charms

Italian bracelet charms are very different from "traditional" bracelet charms. Most bracelet charms you see dangle off of a dainty chain, and are tiny; you need to practically be cross-eyed to see it. They're also frail and are easily broken; one snag on a gate or a door handle and it breaks very easily.

Italian charm bracelets
However an Italian charm bracelet is linked together by the charms themselves. Each charm is on a block of flat metal that is linked to another one directly. Nothing dangles; in fact the charms are the bracelet themselves. Italian charms are usually made out of stainless steel or gold instead of silver, adding to its strength. Silver is a soft substance, and real silver easily bends and breaks. But an Italian charm can survive being dropped, caught on something and sometimes even being stepped on. Its make is heavy-duty, yet it's still stylish.

It's important to note that while silver Italian bracelet charms are available, stainless steel and gold are more practical, and stainless steel is a much more affordable and practical option.

Personal Expressions

A charm bracelet is a personal expression of yourself and your interests. There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of charms to choose from to add to your charm bracelet. You are not limited to one either. People in general usually have endless interests and things that they like, so you can actually categorize your Italian bracelet charms. Perhaps you like music, reading and Disney movies. You can make bracelets out of charms that match all three of these interests, or you can just collect the charms and mix and match them to fit your particular mood.

Personal Fit

Unlike other jewelry, Italian charm bracelets are only as big as you want them to be. You don't have to pick out a size; you can add or take out as many as you want to make it fit however you like. Most people like it snug on their wrist or with a little bit of room to spare, but it doesn't have to dangle.

Custom Italian Bracelet Charms

You can find custom Italian bracelet charms at very affordable prices. Because charm bracelets are such personal items, custom charms were created to further individualize this versatile piece of jewelry. Sometimes these charms can get a little bit wild, with flashing lights, blinding colors and even noises. Other times they can be something as simple as pictures of your friends or family. Sometimes gemstones are added, such as birthstones, or letter charms are used to create your name.


Collecting Italian bracelet charms can be a bit expensive, depending on several factors. For starters, what material is it made out of? Gold and platinum are going to be expensive, while silver is moderately priced, and stainless steel is often times the cheapest. Then, too, it depends on the price of the charm. Some charms run upwards of $400, and some run as little as $4. While there is truly no guarantee that your charm is going to last forever, you should be careful and consider the cost before you begin to purchase charms.

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